Saturday, May 12, 2007

home. a place that surrounded by bricks, a place to leave but just another place nonetheless. but no, it is not. a place to hide from the hot sun, just another protector from the pouring rain. to most people yes. some preferred it to be more like a lair, a place to bury secrets or maybe just to hide from the authorities for evil doers. just another idiot's perception. aah. remember the past. remember when we were five, the first time to received education outside the familiar zone. remember how much you would kick and scream just to be back to the familiar.

home. a place of comfort. a place of love and mercy. to all people yes. at least the normal ones. or maybe a place that hold the painful. hold the hardship. a torn place. a shattered memories. but still a place for the normal ones. picture that every morning you would wake up from your comfy bed and the aroma of breakfast flows through your nostrils and into your veins. and you would think that this is another day with love ones inside this very home. right when you open your eyes in the morning up till you close your eyes after dark. tuck safely in your bed and you are sure, more than anything, that love will be there with you all through the night.

yes. that's home. but, what we had build my friends, are more than home. it is a home that we build ourselves, home that take years of waiting. home that had been build upon trust. sheltered by love. and inside, there aren't any sofa or a big screen TV. but inside is the very small space that is been filled by our time together. a place that we shared. a place that we put our hearts and kept it safe. a place that is so valuable not by dollars but by trust. and in this very place, we vowed to protect for a life time.

this time of the moment, we will walk out through the door and embark on one journey that we feared we had to take. a journey that determines the future. a journey. a separated journey. and when we have gained enough to stand on our own, remember to come back. come back to the very place we call home. and you know, the door will always be open.