Friday, September 28, 2007

Jannah punya pasal.

ok. firstly, i got tagged. and it's my first tag ever i think. and i was going through jannah's 8 fact (god knows if they're true.haha)thinking like if they tag me, and i tag another person, and that other person decided to tag me back, that would be redicolously tiring kan? well i decided to do something smart at the end of this "tag" u call. :)


it's been a long time since my last entry, work had gotten the worse out of me. haha. once i had this funny feeling at my eye, it was kind of painful, and it was probably because of my lack of sleep. but that was a few months ago. now i'm in the middle of my final project month. samalah mcm jannah. and i am elected leader for my group. waduh, only i know the agony. haha. but my teammates are okay, they're doing their jobs i would have to say.

Pass weeks have been ok. tiring though. i've got a favourite subject, design studies, which also the most hated subject due to workload, its complicated. i have my least favourite subject, which comes to a surprise, that is life drawing. maybe its just because of the long tiring hours of staring at a lifeless object, ops i would like to correct the sentence. long tiring hours staring at multiple lifeless objects.

um, what else. today, i waved at the korean girl in my class, AND smiled too, AND she waved AND smiled back at me AND said "hi". lets just say, they're just too cute for me to resist. i need help. haha. NAAH!~
next would be communication studies,as complicated it may sound, its just English. haha. Comm studies would be the least stress class. oh and there's also a "girl" in that class. she's indonesian, wears tudung, and what else...oh yah..she has BRACES. haha (ejat i know ur feeling this one right now.haha. ezat keep's a deep secret of mine, a secret i discovered about myself, then told him lepas semayang terawih at USJ4).

and i have gotten praises, i think.

# "arma you know what, you can be t-shirt designer" - this ones from a classmate of mine. he was looking at my random sketches.
# "I think you can come up with an interesting design, i dont think u have a problem" - this one was from my lecturer. what can i say, i'll try my best. ahaha.

well i guess this are the best compliments that i've received lately. so.. YEAH! to these two.

okay i'm done now. spelling errors, heck. and i think my blogging technics sudah decrease. oh macam mane ni... haha. nvrmind i guess i could work on it when i have time.

# The Rules:
1. Each blogger must post these rules first.
2. Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3. Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’ve tagged, and to read your blog.

- i get emo lately, but its only when i ride busses. i guess its just the whole metaphor for going through life, i get these visuals for a video clip. staring outside a window from inside a moving box.oh i get emo in cars too.

- i like busses at night. yup. ejat knows this. its maybe because of the bright light inside the bus. i like watching it go by. :)

- i want to go on a trip with the guys sama the girls. i keep imagining, again, clips of us dressed up, going out at night, dkat harbour probably, it's like cold sikit cause some were wearing scarfs, and taking pictures with city lights as background, or like we are all walking in the city. i keep thinking Australia or Singapore. or the streets like in the snowpatrol video clip, hands open. i think it's at paris or something. i know. gila. but i really wish it could happen. oh and the soundtrack for it would be either, The subways - With You, or.. Ingrid Michaelson - Keep Breathing.

- i want to start a magazine. design+lifestyle magazine. it's just gona be a hobby thing with friends, low cost production thing. but yes u use money to get a copy of it, i dont care. haha. alah it's just gona be a few ringgit je. so i need authors. come friends. maybe jannah would help *wink2* help la.

- i am not sure of myself. at some point i can be this, and the next minute i could be that. i could like something now, and then shift to another thing later. BUT i am not like JANNAH, although i change interests, somehow i'll comeback to my old likings. haha. warning this just applies on objects. non-living things. so dont go around making asumptions.

- i am willing to wait. just that.

- i am blurr. i dont catch signals, i am on a different tuning. thats why i have extra antennas like ezat or yeti(nazir). they kinda pick up the signals when i start explaining.

- i stay true to friends. it'll be a major loss losing them. both guys and girls.



# GERMAN AMBER (which i doubt would be posting)

T-A-G-G-E-D !

told you i did something smart.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

confession #2

selamat berpuasa.

so here i confess

'hello,im iqbal. i'm 17. yes im the youngest among my friends. thats why i always get bullied..? maybe,but i am the youngest. full stop. i've been sober for a looong time. i miss my bully-ers. especially the 1 who FORCE to do this. but i get his point. yes,i miss all of my head banging-mofos-crazy olde friends. i DO text them. well,not often but i still DO. when i think of them i'll go laughing to myself. yes. some people DO think im crazy,so what? i feel better thinking n laughing about the good old days rather than sitting down,thinking about problems coming n might 1 day go crazy instead. live life to the fullest. I live MY life to the fullest. thats why im addicted to my friends. well, SO BE IT. AN ADDICT. THATS WHAT I AM. I AM A FRIEND ADDICT."

16 Sept 2007,
Friend Addicts Convention, UEP Subang Jaya, Malaysia.

confession #1

Selamat Berpuasa.

Mari Beramal dan Melakukan perkara yg baik-baik.

(serious, though it may sound funny.)

i just want us friends to be better people.

and let's try to find time for raya?
try. no forcing. maybe phonecalls should be enough.
should be. maybe.
:) i guess we all are addicted to each other.
one laugh, thats all we need to get going.

so here i confess.

" hi i'm arma. i am 18. and i am a friend addict. i've been sober for too long. i just think it's too strong for me. i still have the urge too text message them. sometimes when it gets out of hand....i go out...meeting them. i know its inexcusable..but..but...i dont think im strong to live without a dose of them for at least once a week. sumtimes, they even text me! how could i resist the temptation!! Ah! so mock me if u want. i dont care. so i have decided to go on as an adddict. i'll live life my way. so be it. an addict. thats what i am. I AM A FRIEND ADDICT. ~"

16 Sept 2007,
Friend Addicts Convention, UEP Subang Jaya, Malaysia.

Friday, September 7, 2007

omong kosong.

Alia says:hey
Ma. says:hey shortay,
Ma. says:i mean that in a gud way,
Alia says:haha
Alia says:i know
Ma. says:haha
Alia says:i'm used to it already
Ma. says:gu to kno
Ma. says:gud*
Ma. says:so how are u me lady.
Alia says:oh just fine
Alia says:as usual sir
Alia says:i'm starting school u know
Ma. says:yah. thats what i wanna kno.....
Ma. says:

Alia says:hahaha
Alia says:sarcasm
Ma. says:hahaha
Ma. says:lets say if i was serious.
Alia says:ah
Alia says:let's say
Alia says:i would say
Alia says:how thoughtful of u
Alia says:hahaha
Ma. says:haha
Ma. says:so mcmane alia ilana? best skolah?
Ma. says:eyh drop by the blog sumtimes.
Alia says:dunno yet
Alia says:x start lagi
Alia says:this sunday first day
Alia says:haha
Alia says:i'm such a nervous wreck
Alia says:but excited all the same
Alia says:give me ur link
Alia says:i pun ader blog ak tau
Alia says:gak
Ma. says:
Ma. says:oh apa yah?
Ma. says:ada www ka?
Ma. says:wah ok ok
Ma. says:weyh! me n ezat sama zu n azeera! huish cun picture!
Ma. says:haha
Ma. says:ok i wana read
Ma. says:dont disturb me
Ma. says:haha
Alia says:haha
Alia says:fine2
Alia says:go ahead
Alia says:eh arma
Alia says:did the video work?
Ma. says:yup
Ma. says:shhhh
Ma. says:jgn kacau
Ma. says:skit lagi ba
Ma. says:wah really lah.
Ma. says:tengok lg pun boleh sedih
Ma. says:i must be that good ya
Ma. says:haha
Alia says:hahaha
Alia says:yes sir
Alia says:u are
Alia says:part last2 je yg made me cry
Alia says:serious tau
Ma. says:of course
Ma. says:build up the intensity
Ma. says:last last br semua meletup
Ma. says:haha
Ma. says:i dont think all of them had watched it though
Ma. says:i rase azeera blum tgk
Ma. says:oh dah dah
Ma. says:we made a premiere at mye's house
Alia says:abyan je blom
Ma. says:yup
Ma. says:azeera nearly cried
Ma. says:masa last2 tu semua jd senyap
Alia says:which reminds me i haven't called her yet
Ma. says:AIYO
Alia says:serious tau arma
Alia says:dgn de song lagi
Ma. says:haha
Ma. says:yah
Ma. says:no problem lah. i had fun buat jugak
Ma. says:depressin but fun
Ma. says:u still watch it?
Alia says:oh yes
Alia says:but i like the first part n the last part hte most
Ma. says:hahaha
Alia says:watching myself in the video mcm klakar
Ma. says:yah..
Ma. says:but first part is like so funny
Ma. says:eh lia i wanna curi gambar me ejat n azeera n zu
Ma. says:can?
Alia says:take lah
Alia says:u nak de separate one?
Ma. says:can.
Alia says:i didnt know u guys took de pic tau
Ma. says:haha
Alia says:bila dah upload dlm computer baru perasan
Ma. says:mesti gelak kan?
Ma. says:haha
Alia says:kelakar giler
Alia says:then i had de idea to paste it together
Alia says:hilarious
Alia says:tp agak blur lah
Ma. says:gud one. i had forgotten bout that pic tau
Ma. says:tkpe janji knal kan? susah tu mau pose sama
Ma. says:famili pisture tu pun klaka. serius nk mampos semua org
Ma. says:hahaha
Alia says:haha
Alia says:tu lah
Alia says:to azeera ade kantoi sikit
Ma. says:die tu nenek yg ceria kot
Alia says:hahaha
Alia says:yeah maybe
Ma. says:second one tuh
Ma. says:best
Alia says:i put the first pic serious
Alia says:then the second one yg sume kepala giler
Alia says:so contra ah skit
Ma. says:iqbal mcm pekebun garang dlm first pic
Alia says:haha
Alia says:pekebun garang
Ma. says:yah
Ma. says:ntahlah
Ma. says:i just felt it
Ma. says:haha
Alia says:mula2 pekebun grg
Alia says:then suddenly dia tersengih
Alia says:it was hard to choose at first
Alia says:byk giler
Ma. says:yes pekebun to model
Alia says:hahaha
Ma. says:really?
Ma. says:ade picture yg u tk post yg lawa?
Alia says:byk lah jugak
Ma. says:i want some lah deyh
Alia says:have to check
Alia says:one moment
Ma. says:two moment also can
Alia says:byk blur lah arma
Ma. says:yah?
Ma. says:hmm..
Alia says:nanti
Alia says:i send n then u see for urself
Ma. says:tkpelah. kalau ade yg clear tu. passing lah
Ma. says:ok!!!
Alia sends:Open(Alt+P)
Alia says:if x blur
Alia sends:Open(Alt+P)
Alia says:mmg cun lah
Ma. says:ok.
Alia sends:Open(Alt+P)

You have successfully received C:\Documents and Settings\wins\My Documents\My Received Files\DSC04792.JPG from Alia.

You have successfully received C:\Documents and Settings\wins\My Documents\My Received Files\DSC04794.JPG from Alia.

You have successfully received C:\Documents and Settings\wins\My Documents\My Received Files\DSC04805.JPG from Alia.

Alia says:wait
Alia says:i give u one more
Ma. says:woh ok
Alia says:n another lah
Ma. says:haha i pose mcm bollywood star dlm pic ni
Alia sends:Open(Alt+P)
Ma. says:bangangnyeeeee
Alia says:haha
Alia sends:Open(Alt+P)

You have successfully received C:\Documents and Settings\wins\My Documents\My Received Files\DSC04810.JPG from Alia.

You have successfully received C:\Documents and Settings\wins\My Documents\My Received Files\DSC04812.JPG from Alia.

Alia says:aite
Alia says:i'm off
Alia says:cool display pic btw
Alia says:hahaha
Ma. says:haha
Alia says:bye
Ma. says:yah got it from someone cool
Ma. says:ciao
Alia says:haha
Ma. says:we all miss ya
Alia says:cheers
Alia says:back at ya
Ma. says:gud luck nnti skolah
Ma. says:bye2
Alia says:thanks
Alia says:i'll keep u posted about it
Ma. says:ok

there ends another "old times" chat~

im actually too lazy to type a new post.
so i improvised. haha.
now i would like to end this post with a statement.

MY friends are like little hyperactive children, so dont give em chocolates. instead give US money to shut up. we'll go shop quietly. pfft.

(see how i manipulated the statement and involved myself in it when it has advantages for me? im such a brilliant hyperactive little kid.*pats on the head*)

Monday, September 3, 2007

something we left behind but we always bring it along..

After finish reading what arma had written on the blog, i feel like i have to write something too.. i supposed be back to melaka this morning but my body was not feeling well, so i have to take mc 4 today.. sometimes i wonder myself whether is it about my sickness or is it just me dont want to go back..i miss my frens.. so much.. d memories we all drew together is a memories that can not be erase forever.. but now we all are in a different path to achieve the dreams that each of us seek in the future.. the memories may have been passed, but we always carry it no matter where we go.. things change around us.. but our friendship will always remain the same.. hope we all can wait.. time for us to feel the memories back will appear one day.. i promise.. while waiting, let us all do what we have to do now.. this is my words.. for all my frens out there.. i love u guys..

# misses

# i've just realised. times when it was carefree were night. i guess the nights we've had were just...US. dinner, shopping, mamak, favors, pulut deliveries, kenduri's, or just normal stop by's, were what i looked for and still look for every single night.

# i guess this is another way of saying i miss the old days.

# and i miss zulaikha for cheering me up every single night when we all went out.

# i miss listening to ezzat's problems, and giving opinions to him, and he listens.

# i miss dropping by at mye's house. i miss the chats outside the gate.

# i miss feeling excited waiting for "transport" to arrive at my house.

# i miss going to isyak prayers at USJ 4's surau.

# i miss McD. not the food. just the memories there.

# i miss being me.

# i miss the idiot.

# i miss the people who loves that idiot.

# i miss the smack in the head by "one and only".

# i miss my random analogies.

# i miss the people's reaction towards it.

# i miss being fun.

# i miss everything.

# i miss singapore.

# i miss snapping pictures.

# i miss the pictures.

# i miss people in the picture.