Saturday, March 29, 2008

clock is ticking!

It’s been a while now. It’s not that I’m busy or anything. I’m just scared to open this page. I’m Scared of being fool of my own writing. Haha. The space that I have now with my friends is just so far away. I can’t decide how I can make room for everyone. I don’t think I know the strategy. I can not see the picture so clear. Times really pull it away. Or should I blame the dream that I chase? I will find a way.

Sorry for all this. Sometimes I’m confused with my own situation. Hope everyone will understand. I’m learning to adapt. Seeking for a better me. Predicting the futures of everyone. Time will again gather us back. Painting smiles in each faces. Fill the space with laughter. Ha ha ha.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Longing For The Past??

it's true that as we get older, memories of old happy times always manage to come back, in a rush. we compare the present to the past, and although the present is nice, it can never be the good old times we had. i talked to a lot of people, and i realize i can never again find a group of misfits better than the ones i have now.

so i will not let go of this friendship. i know its such a stupid thing to hope for, but i am too grateful to god for sending me these lifesavers. i hope this friendship lasts forever. and nazir, don't ever feel the need to apologize. we all make mistakes, its a part of our tradition, get it?? the mistakes adds the spice to this bland recipe. you guys make my life worth living. every one of you. everytime i feel down, you guys put the spirit back in me. without you guys, ill still be that sorry loser trying to hang out with the cool kids in form 1. yes arma, its me. a 1st time blogger.
so, ignore the sorries and concentrate on the thank yous. thanks a lot guys for always being there for me, and for being my friends!!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008


First thing first, don't mind the title...just got no idea of what to put. Haha. Anyway, it's been pretty darn long time since I've written sumthin yah...guess I owe you arma, and that is a sincere stuff from the "none-active-blogger". Trust me.
Well for today, it was a normal-sitting-at-home-day for me. Gettup, watching tv, eat, and other normal routine (you know the drill). Then I've decided to go out to Pyramid with arma and iqbal at 8pm. It was kinda late but I was searching for something to wear for my course dinner, and I guess, no, I know (no guessing game there) that I am going out with the two most suitable guys if you want to ask anything on fashion wear. Imagine bringing ali...(no offence there lee, ngehehe).
So we went there with iqbal's ride. It was a simple plan; we go in, execute, and go out. But I guess sometimes, what we get in the end wasn't actually goes with what we planned. Anyway, while searching for the necessary items (and some goofing around, plus we've met Guy Sebastian there) it struck me hard by the head, remembering me back of those days in high school. The days where we would hang around the Pyramid sometimes on weekends or if there were any special occasions. Yah, that's the sorta memories that came floating by. I guess this is when the title comes in use...Whooshh as in the sweet memories come whooshing back into my mind. Aaaah...the old days. Never too old to forget. You know what, we should be doing this more often arma...find some time. We'll get there.
Well, that's that...and oh yah...for the sleeping over at ali's place next week, I think I'll be joinning in. Can't miss that.
Signing Off...

Friday, March 21, 2008

experimenting beliefs, a guilty to plead

Just by far one of the hardest logic I could see, is the fact of unintentionally forgetting those who remember. I was there, and there was my print. Seemingly so, the print is now blurred. And it was my fault. I always dream what you have said, and belief what you have made. But it was never in my intention to forget what you have gave. The reasons are so opaque, and forgive is just another word.

Maybe so, you were there with me. You know me so well, but would you understand? The fact that I never knew you the way you know me is unwittingly ruining my life. I am a bad person.
Maybe you knew this from the start, and maybe you don't. Or easily acting like you don't. It is not my business to define. But what I am here for is for you to see that I know how I am now, I learned harsh lesson from my mistakes and knew where I stand among you. It is my weakness. And I could not help but to think that you have judged me the way I projected myself being to be, proclaiming that I have done my part for the best, for all of us. But instead, unknowingly, I have done nothing. Some of you may remember, and some of you will forget. But deep down, I am sure, even though I will be forgiven, I know you all will never see me the way you did before. For that I am really sorry. I know I was wrong.
For my Subang brothers, you know perfectly who you are and how you had touched many hearts. We cherish the past. A past that we had build together and had gone through together. We live up to the moment. A moment of chasing dreams. We fall many times and we stand back on. We strive for the future. A future that we know nothing off but are sure to come. I still remember the times that we would sit around and tell stories of our tales, our own moments and that was priceless. And for my Subang brothers, I owe you all an apology. A mistake that I ought to make up for. There were times that I had ditched you for something that were less important. And there were times that I was never there when you needed me. I have forgotten the vow we made, clearly but quietly, that we are brothers. Many of us have gone on the road that Allah S.W.T have made for us. And because of that I have made another huge mistake. And that is I tend to forget who you are and why you are important. I seems to take time for granted, take you for granted. I am sorry.
To my friends in Malacca, what am I without you. You were the ones that waited for me when everyone walk on. I am blessed to be able to stumble upon your faces. And there were number of times when I forget the reason I am there, you reminded me. And there were also times that I have gone over the lines, you saved me. We have met only awhile but we have lived like a family. But alas, I could not pretend that I have been the best for you, and I have made many mistakes to you. People change. And I know I have too. But I am asking you that I always remember who I was and how you see me. I am sorry for there was many times that I have not being a good friend. I have walked away while you long for my help. That was my mistake. And I am sorry for it.
Lastly, to Ann. You may be wondering why I am saying this. But you had came into my life in a way that I will never forget. You have touch me so deep. Whenever there were moments that I feel down, you were there to make my day. That is because you are something special. Remember the song that I have written for you on your birthday? Every single word of it, I really mean it. I know I have not been the best person lately, and I know I did, somehow, tormented you, but I did not mean it. I am really sorry for the worse person I have been to you. I am sorry.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Sumtimes i'm amused by ways that Allah S.W.T reminds us of the people we miss. i maybe the least person u could think of saying this, and i dont know whether what i'll say is true, as i have done too many sins that i myself have lost count. Anyways, i was heading too friday prayers (yesterday actually), and to let you guys kno, i dont pray at usj 9 now, cuz of my hectic friday class. actually tk hectic pun, satu class je, its just that the timing is 2.30 and considering i live in subang and friday prayers starts at 1.30 to 2.00, i have no choice but to travel to cyberjaya and pray at this really isolated masjid. So, on the way there, i chatted with a friend of mine in his car(he picks me up every friday from subang parade). Then after awhile we kept quiet, as usual because there was no topic to talk on. we arrived at the masjid around 1.30 (tepat dan penat, reason being the scorching heat at cyber and dust flying around, but who am i to complain kan?). We then parked, walk just a few steps, took our wudhu', i went first into the masjid while my friends were heading back to the car to keep some stuff. so i solat sunat and sat there agak dekat tgh2 lah cuz people were filling up the side yg ada wall so they could lay back. so when i sat, i had no thoughts going through my mind, i was just looking at the mosque's interior, people around me and stuff. the weird thing is that day i didnt feel tired, or nodded(bukan mengangguk, it looks like it but actually, its dozing off, penat kan) while the imam was reading the khutbah. so i tried hearing the khutbah, but the imam's voice and the mic was too distorted to hear anything, i tried. This is where the first part of this post clicks in, after a few tries to hear the khutbah, i saw muizz..

No it wasn't really him but mini sized muizz, it was this kid in baju melayu with songkok. The first thing that had my attention was his curiosity, he was looking at sumthing at the second floor. He had this curious face identical to what muizz has when he's onto something. After a few minutes, then i noticed that he had *sepet* eyes(like chinese), a cheeky smile, fair skin, sharp nose, and this wise look. haha. So, after looking at little muiz, i tengok kawan die, and there was ezzat. yes, him. not lying. He had suttle eyes, his facial traits were a bit more rounded, gelap sikit(i'm not critisizing), and was talkative. Looked like a poet to me, haha. he too was wearing baju melayu and songkok. I was amused lah, watching mini sized version of my good buddies, but here comes the interesting part, there was this boy between little muizz and little ezzat. i didnt get to see him though cuz my sight was blocked by this guy who was sitting right at the back of the boy. all i know is that, whenever the boy talks, muizz jr. and ezzat jr. would laugh. all i know is that he wore baju melayu, songkok, and appeared to be the goofy one amongst them. I didnt get to see his face though, i tried, but i didnt get a chance to.

You see, i have not been thinking of this guys like for a long time. ezzat maybe not that long cuz i met him a few months back. but muizz, i have to admit that the last time i thought of him was when he came back for his break and that was last year. So seeing those boys, was really nice, it reminded me of when friends were just friends. sincere friendship lah, takde yang ade niat lain, duit ke, curi creativity ke, amik kesempatan atas kerajinan ke, and etc.

Well maybe i need to think of old friends to overcome stress, do my best now in college, and we'll see each other when we all make it in the future, ofcourse with Allah S.W.T's help.

signing off.

oh and the boys were wearing blue baju melayu. ikut tone pulak tu, muizz jr. light blue, mystery boy dark blue, and ezzat jr. the darkest blue.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Electric Snow Rain.

Im hoping writing this post would calm my unstable self down. i've never been great at goodbyes and i doubt so i'd be better at it in the future. im hoping there would be less goodbyes and more hellos' in the future.

"Dunia ni besar, manusia tak boleh terbang."

i thought of this 5 seconds ago. This explains everything for me.

- you know who i am.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

It's out and about

Its out and about. First editions of the SuperSalon7 Tees.

Photos: Arma
Venue: My house
Model: Syasya
Sangat: Cheapskate

Right now there are 6 pieces only, kononnya sgt rare lah. Sizes 3 XXS's and 3 XS's. The blog serves as an agent. Any questions, contact Mr.chatbox. I'll usually check on weekends and somesays on weekdays.

Pic of the Week :

Under my umbrella indeed.

Fartsy Artsy # 2

"What i did in class during semester 1."

Pen & Paper

Saturday, March 1, 2008


To friends all over the globe..
Let's go out on weekends yah?