Thursday, December 27, 2007

after steamboat and ice creams.

im back to writing. well actually, thanks to jannah. read her new post and it some sort triggered me to write a post after so many shootings of indie car. it was fun though, and i bet i'll be doin it again but not today. it's that time of year. it feels empty somehow. i guess its just the thought of people going away again. its not the same, not havin people u need living just blocks away from u or just up the street. maybe im just dissapointed that i'll have to go through the odd-ness of suddenly being alone in subang again. sheesh. its like going through the same routine everyday.. walk-bus-wait-bus-college-learn-wait-learn-bus-wait-bus-walk-subang-eat-sleep. thats pretty much it. but no worries, i love the subjects im learning, its just the surrounding, and the people who surrounds me that bugs me, lets just say ive got old friends who are just to good to be compared too. its a diesease i tell u. trying to compare everythin to all i had/have in subang. mestilah subang menang. haha but note, good people are amongst me too at *uknowwhereiamstudyingnow*. u know who you are good people. well i guess thats it, too much video-ing mengurangkan skil menulis saya (not that i was that good a writer pun) .

people are going. one is coming back. im a nervouss wreck now. february scares me. but i cant wait.

lastly a brain-wondering-maybestupid-question

what if tomorrow comes today?
would tomorrow be today?
or is today, tomorrow?

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Daily Notis

Have u ever said something so stupidly wrong u thought u would throw up blood and then died out of suicide after jumping out from a building, preferably an 89 storey high tower?-Well i don't! And don't be stupid enough to take this as a suggestion or u'll know what's in it for you!

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