Monday, June 30, 2008

Pic of The *whattheheck*.

My winning pic during PhotoShowDown on ali's birthday. First round., The Yetis' improv , Maria.

Interview with BABAman.

This Weeks Interview is with The BABAman himself here are some pics of the interview.
I like pyramids, i don't like squares, im not square.

Interview by: Muhd. Arma Hakem b. Badrulsham a.k.a Nameshiftah
Interesting Individual: Syed Ali b. Syed Hasyim a.k.a BABAman

Watch full interview video here

Check This Out.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Bye Bye Disco by New Pants

Sing along brothers and sisters.

Time after time she is waiting in dance floor
She is smooth she's so lonely
Time pass time the DJ is late
She has to say good bye
You and me just need a little patient
Let's go to the final party
Dancing all night long the music is going on
She is different from all the people
Dancing all night long her body is moving on
She is different from all the people


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

tips for the stressed

somebody said once that being optimistic is a revolutionary trait.
i'm just beginning to see the truth in that. it is a trait i see shared by all my best friends.
Optimism makes you look past the difficulties and straight into the joys of everyday life.

So you're not running from the bad, you're ignoring it.
It makes you clear headed and stress free.

i say, why think about all the bad things?? It's not like it will turn around if you continue brooding upon it......

So here's an advice.
Be optimistic and you'll lead a better life.
take it from the doctor.

Monday, June 9, 2008

The Fear In Our Hearts......

Ini lah kesilapan dan kelemahan terbesar manusia, TAKUT. Akan tetapi ia merupakan perasaan yang harus ada kerana kita perlu menghadapi rintangan untuk menhargai kejayaan kita.

Seharusnya kita harus mengatasi ketakutan itu. Ia hanyalah menjadi halangan kepada orang yang tidak mahu menerima realiti.

Suara hati adalah senjata kita , umat manusia , yang paling berkesan. Ia mampu menggulingkan kerajaan, menghancurkan hidup dan menyelamatkan dunia.

Jadi buangkanlah rasa takut itu dan keluarkanlah suara hati kita. Luahkan apa yang disimpan. Jika betul, seharusnya dikongsi. Jika salah, tidak harus dicaci, sebaliknya ia haruslah diperbetulkan.
Hanya dengan cara itulah rakyat boleh dibentuk menjadi sebuah masyarakat yang berintelektual dan berani.

Jadi marilah kita mulakan langkah ini. Nyahkan rasa takut anda. kita mulakan dengan perbualan dan coretan2 di blog ini. Dan kita harap agar usaha kita akan diteruskan oleh yang lain. Satu langkah kecil untuk kita, satu lompatan GIANT untuk manusia. hahahaha. sori. xtau camana nak terjemah peribahasa tu.

Truth you think..! But that's not that accurate. Even though the actual idea of Morse code and the communication using telegraph was first introduced by Samuel Morse, the real person that invented the Morse code was actually a man called Alfred Vail.

Samuel Morse was an art professor when he first introduced his idea of communication. Being a man in the art line, he invented his machine quite too complex and were too less effective. His first trial was in the gutter. Even so, Samuel Morse's idea of the telegraph attracted a young man called Alfred Vail. Even though Vail was 20 years younger than Morse, he managed to design and build a newer machine, a much more effective and simpler machine that could actually work.

The machine that was invented by Alfred Vail works miraculously, and they could now communicate between two people or more using the machines that were build by Vail.

But Alas, a massive problem occur. The machines now could work, but, they do not know how the message could be delivered; in what formed? Words by words? or codes?

Morse than came up with the idea of transmitting the message in numerical forms. For example, "307" is the code for the word "Victory", or "255" is the code for the word "eat" and so on. And so, Morse actually designed many numerical codes for every single words in the dictionary. Now the thing is, imagine you received a telegraph using this system, and you have to go through thousands of pages of numerical codes just to understand a single sentence of the message. That would take up hours.

And so, Alfred Vail came up with a better idea, that is using codes of dotes and lines on each an every single of the alphabets. Using this system, Vail and Morse could now spell the message with words by words, instead of memorizing thousands of numerical codes. This method, as how we see today will not only saves time, but also ensuring the accurate understanding of the messages that were send.

The question now is, why is that Samuel Morse got all the credits while Alfred Vail, who is the real inventor of the Morse code, was left unheard?

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Truth and Misspoken

Who is the person that invented the Morse code?

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Other Pic of The Week :

" What Ecstacy looks like"

Pic of The Week :

" Sonic Boom "


" Kopi Bunga "

Sunday, June 1, 2008

All for one and "satu ntuk semuah"

hey there...
all of you...
a piece of advice..
you wanna get a lot of posts,
stop giving ridiculous comments..

i like seeing you guys like this....
young , immature, and full of hopes...
stay that way....
i myself had a few friends...
lost them all on the account of stupidity....
so cherish them and maintain this sweet friendship...
it's so rare nowadays....

i tolerated a lot of taunts and laughter from my peers....
4 of us, buddies since high school. then one day i couldn't take it anymore. pressure was overwhelming. the nine years of friendship gone... each one of us still missed it... but there was no way to go back and undo the damage... ego and pride consumed us....
i want to say that i am not just a victim, i am also the criminal. what they did to me i also did to them.

so forgive silly mistakes and forget their crimes.... all of you must indeed mean a lot to the rest because of the jokes, the falls, the laughs and the fights. you have shown that time is not an obstacle to you..

but is reality??
you are all growing up....
going your separate ways.....
but be there for each other.
take time for this.....
u might lose them easier than how you got them....

Lionel G. Brander
Toronto State University....
ill be watching
Keep me amused guys.......