Saturday, April 26, 2008

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sad No More

Come this December, all you sad girls and aunties will be cheering your buttocks out because a new drama series is out baby!

This story that is based on a short story(cerpen) will certainly move all us girls into tears and also make us roll on the floor. Set on present day time, our charming boys are just normal students finding their way in life. Not knowing each other at first, they hung out in different clicks, but fate brought them together when a dog(Kapur) was seen hit by an old homeless man. They rushed helping the dog, forgetting their clicks or differences, in irony, they were all muslims. After being saviors for Kapur they decided to get a drink, as they sit on top of a rooftop, they made deal to record every single detail of their lives, either videos, photos, or writing as they figured that life's too short..

This is an interesting story as it is a laid back one. No hardcore action scenes or overdramatic crying scenes, just the right one to let us relax on the sofa with friends. the actors for this story had been narrowed down and here they are! oh and i like the fact that kapur doesnt hang out with them but seems to be around in the scenes somewhere.. ok pics.

These were shot during an interview at a gallery/cafe, Cafeart at Bangsar.
they're really down to earth people!

From top to bottom: Johan Halim(as Chong), Mohd. Ezzat Asyiq(as Ben), Wan Muhd. Nazir(as Bobo), Muhd. Arma Hakem(as Kim).

I was told that during the interview, they cracked a lot of jokes, Jijo my friend who was interviewing them couldnt stop laughing, and it made her work hard!
Anyways i anticipating for the debut of this series i feel it is going to be awesome.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Why Did you have to goo Oooh Away From Mee Ehh~

This is part-ii (hihihihi), now u guys can already figure out what im gona show u at the end of this post.

what? apa clue dia anda tanya?
well.. saya akan bagi anda clue-nya.
Clue nya adalah kedua-dua title post ini dan post asalnya.

maseh tidak kesampaian?
apa kata anda sambung membaca post ini.
pasti keraguan anda akan di-nyah-ragukan.

ok we continue with.. "what do you do when ur bored after ur ex-school sportsday?"
for all those fanatic readers of our modest blog, surely you gus have read the previous post.. no not the one on jannah, but the one on sportsday. (btw neither both of the guys in the picture is jannah, jannah is way more annoying looking.)

So me in Ali went to Subang Parade.

this is what WE did.

so we went around taking pictures at this car show. Ali insisted that i should i take a picture of HIM standing between 2 chinese models. i insisted we should NOT.
So after that exhilirating photoshoot, we felt so energized that we need some more paparazi action connection.

oh and yah.. before i forget. this is what we shot before the mini auto show.
brace yourselves.

yes Beautiful Girls its Sean Kingston. We waited for 1 Freakin hour just to get this, and were not even close to calling ourselves FANS.
yes WE INSTANT PAPARAZIS followed Adek Kingston around. Well turns out Adek doesnt seem so adek-ish in person. He is Big. Dont be fooled. So after taking his pictures, he saw us, then we shook hands and talked like for 20 minutes or so. He told us that he's gona get a bite at baskins and askd us to join, so what the heck kan? we went to baskins after his autograph session. We had loads of fun. Here are some pics of us having fun at baskins with Sean.

so i guess thats enough for today.
next week me and arab boy would be havin lunch with Bow Wow and Omarion.
theres plenty more to come in this coming weeks.

signing off.

From the slumps,
Sexy Champs

Monday, April 14, 2008


Just keep quite..

from guess who??

Saturday, April 12, 2008

OOh Oh Oh Oh OOh OOOoooOoH

ok enough of the clay middle finger. i'll post a BETTER one. haha. Probably ali's laughing right now.

ok here's the deal, what do you do when ur bored of your ex-school sports day?, coz its just not familiar anymore, everyone you know has left school, and an arab friend of urs bailed on you cause he so called "moved along with the flow?, pfft.

so what do you do?

this what i did.

from top to bottom: Me in the lonesome, crowd in th crowdsome (si arab tu mesti dlm crowd tu), Vain strangers, Pn. Heng Sook Kim a.k.a Miss KH & Maths & Universe, The Ever so Cheerful Payung.

You see people, bring a camera everywhere, u never kno when you'll get bored.

but thats not all i did. after jadi pak lonesom for a freakin hour kot, arab boy was spotted, he too was bored. so...

what do WE do?
(notice it is now in plural form)

WE got to Subang Parade, this was an easy task since ali came with cik embun.


to be continued....

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Curse of the big big globe.

Curse ZULAIKHA for making me miss "The olde Times"

relax people. I'ts just clay. tch.

Just this lately.

Just lately, these.