Saturday, May 29, 2010


ciao for now,

Thursday, May 27, 2010


hey guys. how long has it been since this blog had been up and running only God knows. but i guess it's bound to happen soon or later aite? it's not dead, that's not what i meant, but we can call it on 'hiatus', maybe? in or on hiatus, tomato tometo aite. but yeah, even tho it's not as happening as before, but i bet some of you guys been coming around to visit this blog from time to time aite? haha, except for you la Ali, we know you're always around.

But yeah, i'm saying that coz that's what i've been doing every time i'm online. first thing that i would do is to check out this blog. it's like a.. online ritual that is compulsory to do, without it, it doesn't feel complete, sorta speaking. i can't really find a rationale reason for it but i guess it sorta make me feel like livin in the old days when i come around this blog. it's something that i could never push aside. yah yah i know what chu guys thinking; 'oh this gonna be one those post about remembering the old days, emo-is, tear-ish, kinda post.. well HA-HA it is. except the emo-ish, tear-ish part u can scratch those off; i don't think it'll be something like that, at least that's what i hope.

Anyway, i don't know what came around lately, but it was one of the things that ali said in the chat box (u can check that out since almost all of the msgs are from him alone) that got back to me. for starters there's this question of why ain't nobody updating anything anymore? well, it's not like we have been an active writer for LELA other than Arma before, but u know, there ARE something some posts right.. so the next thing i know, i was browsing through the posts from way back; starting from year 07 then 08 then 09 then now.. and not just passing through, i was actually reading and re-read all of it one by one, post by post, video by video. And all i could think off was "Dang! those were wonderful times, and i lived it. Boy if only we could start it all over!"

There were some funny ones, and there were some happy ones. Alot off emo ones, not-so funny ones, sensitive ones, awesome ones, sad ones, mellow ones, the one with the impossible ones, ones with the other one, and the ones with each one. It was pretty darn colourful if you ask me. and i can't help but to feel.. thankful for the existence of blog. It's a diary, its more than a diary... it's a virtual time portal of such... scratch that, it's a diary.. a darn good one. and it's valuable.

So i think i'm gonna stop yapping for now, but i think i'll be writing a lot more - since i never wanted this blog to die. And guys and girls, its the same thought for our friendships. i know there are uncertainties circulating around the atmosphere now, and most of it revolves around the future. and i cannot deny that there were some issues.. big ones. one that i don't know how to resolve it yet, but please don't let anything change. aite.

i got one favour to ask you gents and ladies.. if you have time, just scroll through the blog from the start.. you'd be left with smiles and tears i can bet chu on that.

ciao for now.