Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mode: Black Mamba

Had my convocation earlier today. It was good. In fact it kinda went better than I thought it would turn out to be. Alhamdulillah. Anyway, now that is over. It's time to tune my mind and soul into basketball.. black mamba mode - on.

Aite. Salam.


Friday, November 26, 2010

fair means or foul.

we still are travelers.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


بارك الله لكما وبارك عليكما
وجمع بينكما في خير
بارك الله لكما وبارك عليكما
وجمع بينكما في خير

my peace.

Please Don't Forget the Plight of Muslims in your Dua's "And Seek (Allah's) help with Sabr (patience) and Salat (prayers): it is indeed hard, except to those who are humble" (Qur'an Al-Baqara 2:45)

If God brings you to it,
He will bring you through it.
In Happy moments, praise God.
In Difficult moments, seek God.
In Quiet moments, worship God.
In Painful moments, trust God.
In Every moment, thank God.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Where we go we don't need roads
Where we stop nobody knows
To the stars if you really want it
Got, got a jetpack with your name on it
Above the clouds in the atmosphere
Just say the words and we outta here
Hold my hand if you feelin' scared
We flyin' up, up outta here

(far east movement)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tough Dove

I could tell.
I really could tell.
That the world is beautiful again.
When she said yes.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

hollow men

We are nothing but hollow inside.
We are the hollow men.
Divided truth weighting despair.
As never before.

We are nothing but hollow inside.
We dreaded echo much for pleasure.
And when it came thou need no more.
As were before.

"Shall i preserved the deed you did?" he asked.
"Nay, for there are none but none to spare" he too answered.
"Shall i burn away the greed you staked?" he asked.
"Nay, let it burned the heart of thy instead" he too said.

We are not but hollow men.
Bearded the odium by Lexis of appeal.
Let thee perish to rot is what lie beneath.
As never before.

And he indicted with no tails to end.
What sham is this you lay upon?
Such pretense thee shame not to act?
You let this pledge smeared by your ill-bred.
Let there be no more for such bad act.

And at the very end he cursed thou rot.
Two can play this game of con he claimed.
For thou had lied since thee have met.
The tale of shambles he thought were played.

This is the tale of the hollow men.
So might the oath to be broken or to be mend.
Had thou know the real yarn at this end.
Had there be not a world's end?