Sunday, November 25, 2007

well... last night was another big night for me again.. we attended a concert again..
things were not according to plan at first.. everything seems to be juz not rite.. its funny when we think about it again..

first, i had a problem deciding whether to go or not.. after had an advice from doctor hana saying that i should go, i made up my mind.. maybe i should go.. she was rite.. i did have fun last nite.. bounce. bounce. and bounce. hahaha.. shout. shout. and shout. i also bounce and shout at the same time.. seriously fun. but we were so unlucky standing with those people who are not "COOL". they were seriously fake. if u dont noe how to appreciate music, better u just stay at home and play with ur balls. hahaha. a bit harsh huh?? i DONT CARE!! the thing u have to do when u go to a gig, u must enjoy and appreciate the music. how?? bang ur head a bit. clap ur hand along with the drum beat. and sing out loud the song. or if u dont noe the lyrics and not sure with it, u can shout WOOOOHHHOOOOO!! at least u feel the sense of belonging. hahaha. i remember there is one gurl who keep passing by in front of us and ask us to give her a five. its weird. and annoying. HEEELLLLLOOOOO!!! we trying to watch a concert here. after a few times she did that, we decided to move away from her. i think she was drunk. or she probably have mental problem. hahaha. yeah. not forget to mention. i had 2 posters of meet uncle hussain and almost get a shirt. hehe. what a nite. its an experience for me not to forget.

Friday, November 23, 2007


hey kids. hope you guys are doing ok. today's post would be concentrated mainly on dreams.

here's the deal, i can start off with nice arranged sentences with flawless vocab and structure, but i dont want to. lets just cut to the crap.

i had a dream,(no im not singing the westlife version of flying without wings) which non of it i am gona explain, which means NO. IM NOT TELLING. i kno some say dreams are the works of the devil. well some say that a certain prophet was able to read dreams and interpret them.


The question is.. is there any hard proof that dreams do mean something? in an islamic explaination that is.

im gona let this post be an interactive one. so.. little boys and girls.
by posting a comment on this post.
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so.. with that,
i bid u farewell.

by the sexy man himself,

Monday, November 19, 2007

wAhT a DaY!!!

know what, today was one of the great days, the kind you want to keep in ur head the rest of ur life, but knowing ull 4get abt it soon, only to remember it yet again through photos and.............multibursts..hehehehehe. but we've found a really cool place... the carrefour top floor parking lot... who would've known..

so im hoping to further my studies here and eventually live out my dreams, yeah it does sound a lil childish, i know.... but a guy can dream can he??

to stay here with my ever true buddies (mr awesome liar indeed!!)and get to know a lil bit more abt them (if it's possible)

just alittle flashback
arma- 1st met him at school. got close(yeah right!) at f1, always nak menyempit g rumah dia.i was kind of a nerd then, and i still am. (mr sarcasm)cant watch horror movies.

abee-standard 2. always picking on each other. calling names and running all over the school block. i would tease, he would yell, i would run and he would beat me half to death.up until now don't know who is his dream girl....(mr tough weirdo)cant talk abt girls and love.

ali- known him as a narcotic obsessive nerdy pengawas. never thought i would have him as a best friend but i am grateful all the same.(mr vanilla ice, the lawyer)can't help making a fool of himself

ejat-got close only recently.. coz he was a gangster and i was a fruitcake. never crossed paths. but now i can't find a truer friend.(mr athletic lover)following in arma's footsteps

iqbal- hahahaha. wat can i say... he knw me from arma's hse . at first he only thought of me as a psycho stalker,always rushing to arma's hse. then became tight enemies(hehehehe) . but after sme time we became the best of frens. right bal?? famous for the words "ko taw aku saper x?? AKU KAWAN KO!!"( mr sensitive "ayat power")suke bace nove jiwang melayu btw.

syakir-this idiot i found 1st when i moved in to subang. VERY BLUR. seems heartless but im sure he's not. once i didn't talk to him 4 2 years.big fight. don't ask..
but his character is the best to study. very mysterious.(mr heartless bunny)scared of fish hehehehe

nazir- the best mat jiwang a person could know. knew him as a boy wo loved westlife and boyz 2 men. very weird at 1st but lovable all the same through time.mandi 2 jam....seriously

but i met all these fellas and know that they are my true best true brothers....all through the miracle of slam dunk and basketball.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Kuala Lumpur masa malam lagi sikit.

Kuala Lumpur masa malam.


i really dont know wut to expect for this coming sem holidays. it has been a blast this past 3 months thanks to old and new aquaintances.

may the old be forever and the new be...well... better. hihi.

and im gona miss a few lets say.. friends.

but theres one thing i'll expect and cant wait.
the return of miss zulaikha razali on the 1st of dec.
cant wait babes.

till then,
expect the unexpected and let the unexpected be expected.
that way... u wont get shock.

The one with real kahonies..

P/s: [supersalon7/fuzzymonday]projectsimhopinwouldturnoutright

Friday, November 9, 2007

Thursday, November 8, 2007

a wish.


Monday, November 5, 2007

New Place........ New Life???!!!

wow!! what a big change in my life......
i was so freaked out when i 1st moved here. i don't know anybody..... don't know where to go.....
it didn't help to have arma rubbing his 1st gig in my face!!! with no money in my pocket..... i walk out alone....
staying at home really sucks when u have nothing to do.... nobody to hang out with..... aaaaaaaaaagh!!! boring is a way of life here, it seems.
so looking 4ward to my next return trip back home. i really need it!!!

Friday, November 2, 2007

"amik ilmu bal"

ok now im going to do my part.

hujan was great. setting was nice. sound was marvelous. ambience was cool. i am happy. ejat is ecstatic. iqbal was sad to leave when ahli fiqir was performing. but, im guessing the lad is happy too. hahah.

it's been a dream of mine, somehow i guess, to be in a gig. yesterday.. could have been, the best first gig that we could have. but bad things a side, it was all worth it. thanks ejat for going through it eventhough kau sakit kepala deh. hahaha.

im not gonna post anything about those drunken weird guys, who i think are perfect examples of bad "gig goers". why cant gigs be just fun? and not stupid? what i mean here is, people tend to get this assumptions of alcohol, drugs, sex, and fights at gigs. theres a reason why i typed alcohol first. go figure.

i had fun. being just there nodding my head to the beat of hujan's songs. that was my high moment. seriously, i didnt really nko i could nod or move to beats in public, but then heck, i even sang my lungs out. me and the guys were just quiet at first, making jokes or two, laughing like normal outings. but once the music started, we were right there. we were all hooked.

"ambik ilmu, bal" - i shouted this to iqbal.... right after they started playing.

this is the best outing ever since...
im just ecstatic and glad.

and bodo. tak amik gambar. boleh lupa plak. adoi~

First in First November

IT WAS EXTREMELY FUNNN!!! haha.. what a night we had last night. it was the first time for me went to gig, and i cant describe how i feel right now. i bet u guys too. it was a night that we all have to remember. come on. like iqbal said to her mom. "we 18 already". YES!! we already 18, and we should have this entertainment. it just a gig. it's not like we doing the bad things. we are clean ok. but i think we all can get ourselves kill if we go to gig more often. i hate smokers!!

back to the gig. we went there just to see HUJAN perform. and Iqbal was looking forward to see AHLI FIKIR. haha.. no offence bal.. HUJAN performed 9songs including the lagu raya. that is based on my counting. dont know how others think about it. i dont know the first song. i ask mimi later. hujan played aku scandal, sedih, pagi yang gelap, empayar, mospeada, bila aku sudah tiada, ludah america, lagu raya, and also umbrella..HUJAN is awesome. they performed live very super duper well. i cant believe i just went to gig last night.. hehe

it was pack at the laundry bar, the curve. we hardly seen the band perform, but luckily there was a plasma tv for those who stood far from the stage. three of us stood near the entrance. we also saw how a drunk man been sent out of the bar. hoho. what an experience. the "suasana" just so.... i dont know how to describe it.. ma.. help me out here.. haha..
well.. till here my post. arma, iqbal, better post your blog. i noe u guys want to.. hehe