Thursday, December 27, 2007

after steamboat and ice creams.

im back to writing. well actually, thanks to jannah. read her new post and it some sort triggered me to write a post after so many shootings of indie car. it was fun though, and i bet i'll be doin it again but not today. it's that time of year. it feels empty somehow. i guess its just the thought of people going away again. its not the same, not havin people u need living just blocks away from u or just up the street. maybe im just dissapointed that i'll have to go through the odd-ness of suddenly being alone in subang again. sheesh. its like going through the same routine everyday.. walk-bus-wait-bus-college-learn-wait-learn-bus-wait-bus-walk-subang-eat-sleep. thats pretty much it. but no worries, i love the subjects im learning, its just the surrounding, and the people who surrounds me that bugs me, lets just say ive got old friends who are just to good to be compared too. its a diesease i tell u. trying to compare everythin to all i had/have in subang. mestilah subang menang. haha but note, good people are amongst me too at *uknowwhereiamstudyingnow*. u know who you are good people. well i guess thats it, too much video-ing mengurangkan skil menulis saya (not that i was that good a writer pun) .

people are going. one is coming back. im a nervouss wreck now. february scares me. but i cant wait.

lastly a brain-wondering-maybestupid-question

what if tomorrow comes today?
would tomorrow be today?
or is today, tomorrow?

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Daily Notis

Have u ever said something so stupidly wrong u thought u would throw up blood and then died out of suicide after jumping out from a building, preferably an 89 storey high tower?-Well i don't! And don't be stupid enough to take this as a suggestion or u'll know what's in it for you!

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

well... last night was another big night for me again.. we attended a concert again..
things were not according to plan at first.. everything seems to be juz not rite.. its funny when we think about it again..

first, i had a problem deciding whether to go or not.. after had an advice from doctor hana saying that i should go, i made up my mind.. maybe i should go.. she was rite.. i did have fun last nite.. bounce. bounce. and bounce. hahaha.. shout. shout. and shout. i also bounce and shout at the same time.. seriously fun. but we were so unlucky standing with those people who are not "COOL". they were seriously fake. if u dont noe how to appreciate music, better u just stay at home and play with ur balls. hahaha. a bit harsh huh?? i DONT CARE!! the thing u have to do when u go to a gig, u must enjoy and appreciate the music. how?? bang ur head a bit. clap ur hand along with the drum beat. and sing out loud the song. or if u dont noe the lyrics and not sure with it, u can shout WOOOOHHHOOOOO!! at least u feel the sense of belonging. hahaha. i remember there is one gurl who keep passing by in front of us and ask us to give her a five. its weird. and annoying. HEEELLLLLOOOOO!!! we trying to watch a concert here. after a few times she did that, we decided to move away from her. i think she was drunk. or she probably have mental problem. hahaha. yeah. not forget to mention. i had 2 posters of meet uncle hussain and almost get a shirt. hehe. what a nite. its an experience for me not to forget.

Friday, November 23, 2007


hey kids. hope you guys are doing ok. today's post would be concentrated mainly on dreams.

here's the deal, i can start off with nice arranged sentences with flawless vocab and structure, but i dont want to. lets just cut to the crap.

i had a dream,(no im not singing the westlife version of flying without wings) which non of it i am gona explain, which means NO. IM NOT TELLING. i kno some say dreams are the works of the devil. well some say that a certain prophet was able to read dreams and interpret them.


The question is.. is there any hard proof that dreams do mean something? in an islamic explaination that is.

im gona let this post be an interactive one. so.. little boys and girls.
by posting a comment on this post.
to post a comment, kindly click on the button that has the text "comment" on it.

so.. with that,
i bid u farewell.

by the sexy man himself,

Monday, November 19, 2007

wAhT a DaY!!!

know what, today was one of the great days, the kind you want to keep in ur head the rest of ur life, but knowing ull 4get abt it soon, only to remember it yet again through photos and.............multibursts..hehehehehe. but we've found a really cool place... the carrefour top floor parking lot... who would've known..

so im hoping to further my studies here and eventually live out my dreams, yeah it does sound a lil childish, i know.... but a guy can dream can he??

to stay here with my ever true buddies (mr awesome liar indeed!!)and get to know a lil bit more abt them (if it's possible)

just alittle flashback
arma- 1st met him at school. got close(yeah right!) at f1, always nak menyempit g rumah dia.i was kind of a nerd then, and i still am. (mr sarcasm)cant watch horror movies.

abee-standard 2. always picking on each other. calling names and running all over the school block. i would tease, he would yell, i would run and he would beat me half to death.up until now don't know who is his dream girl....(mr tough weirdo)cant talk abt girls and love.

ali- known him as a narcotic obsessive nerdy pengawas. never thought i would have him as a best friend but i am grateful all the same.(mr vanilla ice, the lawyer)can't help making a fool of himself

ejat-got close only recently.. coz he was a gangster and i was a fruitcake. never crossed paths. but now i can't find a truer friend.(mr athletic lover)following in arma's footsteps

iqbal- hahahaha. wat can i say... he knw me from arma's hse . at first he only thought of me as a psycho stalker,always rushing to arma's hse. then became tight enemies(hehehehe) . but after sme time we became the best of frens. right bal?? famous for the words "ko taw aku saper x?? AKU KAWAN KO!!"( mr sensitive "ayat power")suke bace nove jiwang melayu btw.

syakir-this idiot i found 1st when i moved in to subang. VERY BLUR. seems heartless but im sure he's not. once i didn't talk to him 4 2 years.big fight. don't ask..
but his character is the best to study. very mysterious.(mr heartless bunny)scared of fish hehehehe

nazir- the best mat jiwang a person could know. knew him as a boy wo loved westlife and boyz 2 men. very weird at 1st but lovable all the same through time.mandi 2 jam....seriously

but i met all these fellas and know that they are my true best true brothers....all through the miracle of slam dunk and basketball.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Kuala Lumpur masa malam lagi sikit.

Kuala Lumpur masa malam.


i really dont know wut to expect for this coming sem holidays. it has been a blast this past 3 months thanks to old and new aquaintances.

may the old be forever and the new be...well... better. hihi.

and im gona miss a few lets say.. friends.

but theres one thing i'll expect and cant wait.
the return of miss zulaikha razali on the 1st of dec.
cant wait babes.

till then,
expect the unexpected and let the unexpected be expected.
that way... u wont get shock.

The one with real kahonies..

P/s: [supersalon7/fuzzymonday]projectsimhopinwouldturnoutright

Friday, November 9, 2007

Thursday, November 8, 2007

a wish.


Monday, November 5, 2007

New Place........ New Life???!!!

wow!! what a big change in my life......
i was so freaked out when i 1st moved here. i don't know anybody..... don't know where to go.....
it didn't help to have arma rubbing his 1st gig in my face!!! with no money in my pocket..... i walk out alone....
staying at home really sucks when u have nothing to do.... nobody to hang out with..... aaaaaaaaaagh!!! boring is a way of life here, it seems.
so looking 4ward to my next return trip back home. i really need it!!!

Friday, November 2, 2007

"amik ilmu bal"

ok now im going to do my part.

hujan was great. setting was nice. sound was marvelous. ambience was cool. i am happy. ejat is ecstatic. iqbal was sad to leave when ahli fiqir was performing. but, im guessing the lad is happy too. hahah.

it's been a dream of mine, somehow i guess, to be in a gig. yesterday.. could have been, the best first gig that we could have. but bad things a side, it was all worth it. thanks ejat for going through it eventhough kau sakit kepala deh. hahaha.

im not gonna post anything about those drunken weird guys, who i think are perfect examples of bad "gig goers". why cant gigs be just fun? and not stupid? what i mean here is, people tend to get this assumptions of alcohol, drugs, sex, and fights at gigs. theres a reason why i typed alcohol first. go figure.

i had fun. being just there nodding my head to the beat of hujan's songs. that was my high moment. seriously, i didnt really nko i could nod or move to beats in public, but then heck, i even sang my lungs out. me and the guys were just quiet at first, making jokes or two, laughing like normal outings. but once the music started, we were right there. we were all hooked.

"ambik ilmu, bal" - i shouted this to iqbal.... right after they started playing.

this is the best outing ever since...
im just ecstatic and glad.

and bodo. tak amik gambar. boleh lupa plak. adoi~

First in First November

IT WAS EXTREMELY FUNNN!!! haha.. what a night we had last night. it was the first time for me went to gig, and i cant describe how i feel right now. i bet u guys too. it was a night that we all have to remember. come on. like iqbal said to her mom. "we 18 already". YES!! we already 18, and we should have this entertainment. it just a gig. it's not like we doing the bad things. we are clean ok. but i think we all can get ourselves kill if we go to gig more often. i hate smokers!!

back to the gig. we went there just to see HUJAN perform. and Iqbal was looking forward to see AHLI FIKIR. haha.. no offence bal.. HUJAN performed 9songs including the lagu raya. that is based on my counting. dont know how others think about it. i dont know the first song. i ask mimi later. hujan played aku scandal, sedih, pagi yang gelap, empayar, mospeada, bila aku sudah tiada, ludah america, lagu raya, and also umbrella..HUJAN is awesome. they performed live very super duper well. i cant believe i just went to gig last night.. hehe

it was pack at the laundry bar, the curve. we hardly seen the band perform, but luckily there was a plasma tv for those who stood far from the stage. three of us stood near the entrance. we also saw how a drunk man been sent out of the bar. hoho. what an experience. the "suasana" just so.... i dont know how to describe it.. ma.. help me out here.. haha..
well.. till here my post. arma, iqbal, better post your blog. i noe u guys want to.. hehe

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

tribute tu mr. awesome liar

This post is gona be dedicated to our one of a kind friend who will be leaving for Ipoh tonight. well, truthfully i didnt think it would feel this way, depressing oi. i mean putting a side the fact that we did more than 3 hours of labour work, its.. i guess just sad to say goodbye to a friend eventhough you have this feeling that you'll meet again.

I'm not gona be so emo on this, after all its amin. haha. kidding, he deserves all the sweat we put through, getting the stuff on the so-call "5 tan lorry". haha.

Well, this awesome liar and friend would definitely not be replaced by any other phoneys, sorry guys, auditions for this part would not be held. its already been taken ba. haha.

i'm keepin it short. i guess everyone of us has different feelings at this time. this is mine. its sort of.. disoriented emo relaxed funny sad growing up matured childish kind of feeling.~ haha.

i'll live the rest to you guys. post if ur emo. bye.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

dari pujangga ke rapper.. sapakan sangka??

actually, the title was not referring to me. i never want to be a rapper. i cant even rap. can ask arma how terribly i rap. hahaha... maybe you'll be wondering who am i referring to. well, its not amin for sure, or iqbal who love to sing out of key. come on arma. its not you. you not even pujangga. u just a person who write song at tangga. haha.. got it?? pujangga~tangga?? hahaha.. ok. i know its not funny.

I'm talking about our or my beloved "Sasterawan Negara", A.Samad Said. he is a rapper now.. so cat ruffedge, dont u ever think that u d only one can rap around ere. i was shock when i first hear this news too. it happened when i was driving back from Johor to Subang last week. everyone in the car was listening to, lebih hangat dari biasa..

mulanya dj mengatakan bahawa a.samad said ada menulis sebuah lagu di dalam album terbaru Ferhad. tapi aku tidak sangka bahawa Bbeliau juga rap di dalam lagu itu hingga aku mendengarnya dengan telingaku sendiri. ia agak kelakar bila mendengarnya, tapi bila terfikir kembali, "this guy is so cool".

mari kita berbicara tentang lagu itu serta keseluruhannya. lagu itu sebenarnya sangat unik. tajuknya diberi "kukoo", seperti bunyi ayam berkokok. rentaknya juga rancak. sesuai dengan ferhad yang merupakan penyanyi soul and rnb. tetapi, keunikannya terletak pada liriknya yang begitu puitis. dimana terdapat makna tersirat didalam lirik serta rentak yang diberikan. aku sungguh kagum dengan pencapaian ini. hal ini kerana dapat menarik remaja sekarang untuk lebih menghargai bahasa2 ibunda serta memartabatkan puisi melayu.

sememangnya kita akan terhibur apabila mendengar lagu ini kerana ia akan membuatkan kita terfikir. eh, a.samad said menyanyi?? eh, kenapa lagu ni rancak?? bukankah a.samad said seorang penyajak? rentaknya juga haruslah seperti puisi.. kenapa fenomena ini bisa terjadi??

sebenarnya, pak samad said tidak menyanyi atau rap. beliau hanya mendeklamasi puisi mengikut rentak yang sesuai. lagu ini rancak kerana mungkin mereka ingin membuat sesuatu yang lain dari yang lain. tidak semestinya puisi hanya berentak perlahan. ia sebenarnya boleh disampaikan dengan pelbagai cara. terpulang pada audien untuk menerimanya. secara logik, jika lagu ini berentak perlahan, adakah mungkin dapat menarik remaja2 sekarang? fenomena ini terjadi kerana ingin menarik perhatian orang ramai serta menyedarkan mereka yang memandang rendah tentang lagu melayu bahawa lagu melayu sudah berubah. lagu melayu sudah mencapai revolusi baru yang bisa sebaris dengan lagu2 antarabangsa.

haha.. ini mungkin pedas sedikit, tetapi ku mempunyai point tersendiri. renug-renungkanlah..

Ku Promise hari ini

senyap la ma.. i was about to post a blog yesterday, but somehow i cant get myself logged in. so, i start today then. is this a competition or what?? suker hati kamulah.

esok aku bakal menduduki kertas peperiksaan bahasa melayu. saja maha mempersediakan diri untuk esok dengan menggunakan skil menulis ku. mungkin hanya kertas bahasa melayu, tetapi tahap yang sedang kami hadapi buat masa ini bukanlah tahap sewaktu menduduki sPM dimana cikgu telah memberi segala-gala ilmu sebelum menduduki peperiksaan. kini kami terpaksa mencari segalanya sendiri dan belajar sendiri. aku masih terpinga-pinga serta tertanya-tanya apakah akan aku jawab esok?? ish.. runsing sudah bebanan di kepala ini. ingin ku mencari ketenangan namun ketenangan hanya membuatkan ku lebih gundah gulana. adakah ini yang akan sentiasa kita rasa setiap kali peperiksaan? haha.. mainan jiwa saja. bak kata Hana.. "its ur mind setting..just get over it.." akan ke pegang kata-kata itu (seperti ku mampu). haha.. haizz.. hidup ini penuh dengan dugaan(test).. tapi orang kata, tanpa dugaan, tiada kehidupan.

mungkin kehidupan dan dugaan merupakan sesuatu yang amat berkait rapat. seperti isi dengan kuku. kenapa lah kehidupan tidak berkait rapat dengan makanan? bukankah lebih mudah begitu? kita hanya perlu makan sahaja. that is what we call life. YEAH!! hurm.. merapek sudah aku. apa yang ingin kusampaikan sebenarnaya bukan perasaan ku sahaja. tetapi inilah realiti sebenar dimana kita akan sentiasa berhadapan dengan spekulasi-spekulasi dalam kehidupan kita. ia tidak akan berhenti. Allah akan sentiasa menguji kita demi mencari hambaNya yang setia.

bersedialah kalian. hidup kita tidak lama. siapakan jangka apa akan jadi pada kita. siapalah kita untuk menjangkanya juga?

craporama. shittantastic! asssome.

i wanted to write something. so this post, is just for the sake of writing. since ejat's been contributing a lot, i figured "eh, what the heck kan?" "lagi pun gue ngak mau ketinggalan, makanya gue nulisin aja post ini. gue mau tewasin si bego tu." goes.

as u all can notice in the first paragraph, i've been learning to speak informal indo. im beginning to swear like one too, um.. not to worry ba, just small swear words like "stupid". i've gotten closer to my classmates, which surprisingly are mostly girls. i dont know, i guess the training i got in subang paid off at college kan ba? *refers to zulaikha, maisara, jannah, azeera, alia*. and note, im note saying its a bad thing, quite the opposite. its been fun the past week, assignments due dates and presentation put aside. Which are really a pain in both sides of the butt cheeks. but fun, doing works in studio, making girls laugh.. which i think is a strong point of mine and has a lot of space to be improved. *ishallsharpenthisskilllikeawarriorsharpen'shislongspear!*

haha. bercanda deh.

well... next would be to inform u guys that.. NO i havent fall for any college girls. and NO not planning to go in the search of finding one. and NO im not gay. and NO im not waiting.

mom seems to think im gay, "abang ni gay sebab tu tkde girlfriend." *followed by roaring of laughter by sister*.

u know wut. i guess thats all. not in the mood to go all emo, emo selalu sampai emo pun mcm tk emo dah.

oh! and i've got this metaphor of us growing up.
it was on thursday when iqbal and me went to subang parade in the morning, we were both heading to college. It was fun, laughing joking like we used to do when we were still in highschool. but then.. when we arrived at subang parade, things went differently.. we shook hands and went seperate ways, he rushed off to the komuter station, while i stayed at the bus stop.

you guy's need me to explain the definition and significance of this story? nah. figure it out yourself. you guys are entitled to your own opinions. i like mine, mcm drama remaja.
oh called ali by the way.

*ring ring*
Ali : Hello?
Arma : Heeeey, how's your first day in college aaaaAAaa~AAAaaa?
Ali : SHuuuuT UP lah weeyh. Iqbal told you everyyything aa~
Arma : Well..of course haha.

then other talks were mostly rubbish. ali promised to give us the cooordinates to his humble crib. so when i get it, lets raid his house then go fishing.

till then. assalamualaikum.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

lagu kamu wahai si jauh

Selamat pulang gadis,
aku sudah lama merindu,
tidak kah kau tahu aku menunggu,
ketibaanmu setiap waktu.

Satu hari bagaikan setahun,
aku tetap tunggu, tetap menunggu.

Selamat pulang,
kini kau disini,
aku rindu kehadiranmu.

Selamat kembali,
kini kau pulang,
aku rindu,
rindu sama kamu.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Aku Cinta Padamu Kura-kura

Aku cinta padamu kura-kura hanyalah satu tajuk tanpa makna. Hanya sekadar hiburan bagi menarik perhatian pembaca agar tertumpu pada nukilan ku ini. Namun, statementasi tadi adalah bagi imaginasi minda bangsa yang tiada logika. Hakikatnya, ada makna tersirat disebalik kata-kata pujangga ini. Carinya dengan kebijaksanaan yang dianugerahi.

Keluhan suara jiwa tiada siapa yang dengar hingga ke arah angin sekalipun, ia hanya sekadar bisikan kecil dengan suara tanpa bunyi. Bagaimana ketukan akan berbunyi tanpa alur yang menyampaikannya. Begitulah kita yang melakukan sesuatu aksi yang ada responsibility tersendiri atas setiap tindakan itu. Renunglah. Selari dengan usia yang sedang meningkat ini, kita perlu yakin dan sedar bahawa kematangan dalam diri kita akan membawa kita ke satu arah yang berbeza. Berbeza dalam setiap individu. Setiap aksi yang kita aplikasikan, akan menkadikan kita seseorang yang berbeza personalitinya.

Sampai bila kita akan menjadi lembab dalam meneruskan perjalanan hidup? Sampai bilakah kita akan tertanya-tanya dengan setiap langkah yang kita ambil? Jika hal ini berterusan, semakin perlahanlah perjalanan hidup kita. Masa harus berlalu. Jika ia berhenti, sia-sialah hidup manusia. “demi masa, sesungguhnya manusia itu kerugian”.. kecuali yang beriman dan beramal solleh.

Jadilah seperti kura-kura. Biarpun perlahan pergerakkannya, namun setiap langkah dimanfaatkan sepennuhnya. Jadikan hidup manusia lebih bermakna dengan setiap perbuatan itu. Agar hidupku lebih aman dan tenteram. Begitulah juga sekalian bangsaku. Aku cintamu kura-kura.. sesungguhnya kuasa kata buat pedoman semua.

Aku hanyalah pujangga. Pemanipulasi minda. Pembicara kata. Imaginasi semesta. Renung-renungkanlah.. wasalam…

Friday, October 19, 2007

pelangi mahkota suzuka

bila masa berhenti. perlukah diubah apa yang salah? atau menyalahkan apa yang telah dibetulkan. untuk aku, bila masa berhenti.. aku ingin berhenti sekali. tidak bernafas, tidak bergerak. supaya aku tidak mengubah masa depan, atau masa silam. tetapi jika masa berhenti, janganlah hentikan daya pemikiran aku, biarlah aku berfikir. biar aku fikirkan sifat sebenarnya diri aku. adakah aku sememangnya pesimistik? atau aku hanya lakonkan watak seorang yang tidak memegang pada harapan, tetapi pada dasarnya aku optimis. adakah sememangnya aku ceria? atau aku suka menjadi ceria. ingin menjadi ceria. biarlah aku fikirkan dalam tempoh masa terhenti ini, siapakah yg aku suka, dan siapa yang aku inginkan. jika suka, tidak semestinya aku perlukan...tetapi jika ingin..tidak semestinya aku suka. tapi lebih indah jika...adalah yang aku suka, ingin dan perlukan. aku rasa dia. hanya jika masa boleh berhenti, hidup sememangnya akan menjadi lebih mudah, boleh aku tahu siapa antagonis dan siapa protagonis. tetapi jika masa dihentikan.. boleh kah kita tidak membuat silap? adakah dengan terhentinya masa.. otak manusia mampu berfikir dengan lebih rasional?
bagi aku, biarlah masa berlalu. bagi aku, memori memori lebih erat dipegang dgn kehadiran masa. bagi aku, masa-lah yang menentukan segala-galanya. bagi aku, masa- lah yang memberi kita kesedaran, memberi kita harapan, memberi kita kehidupan.

kali ini, aku menulis perasaanku dalam bahasa ibonda. berilah aku peluang berbangga dengannya.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

To seek a better day

It’s been a week now. The one week “lost contact” agreement is now officially off. But It doesn’t make any different anyway. The aura still tense and plus with the new conflict just occur making me more confuse and leave me no direction to go. I just want to be someone to make her happy and keep her smiling in every second of her life. But I accidentally involve in the situation where she don’t want to talk to me anymore. I used to be the one who can hear every single word she speak, and now I’m blind to every move she make. How could this be happening? I only want to show that I’m care.

I don’t know why but there seems to be something wrong in every step I take. I can’t even get the things right. Things just getting worst nowadays. I hate this stupid negative feeling of mine. It makes me better person no more. All the shits I’ve been telling them, somehow is not working for me. No one can make me happy. Friends. Yes. I always have them. I know they never leave me. I think so. Hopefully. Really really hope so. I miss u guys.

I miss all the moments we all drew together, but now everyone is in their way to achieve their dreams. I’m on my way too. Just need to get my gear ready for first semester final paper next week. Haiz. Haven’t ready a thing.

I miss her too. When is this going to stop? Please forgive for all the same mistake I’ve done. I never meant to do all those mistakes. I’m just hoping to see you smile sincerely in every single day until the end of my life.

Come on Ezzat!! We know u can!! Chaiyok!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

The Day When Tears Begin to Drops Again..

Last night was not like the other night I normally had. It first begins with laugh and happy thought. Then it turns out to be different when I accidentally opened a topic that can actually answer my questions. Raya is near but I’m still not in the mood to celebrate it. Azeera also have the same thing in mind. She said that maybe we just getting older. Is the Raya mood only for kids?? I wish I could kids again. Having all the funs without worrying about anything, just hoping that the money we collected will be more than others. But then I will hope that my age will quickly increase. Haha.. is this really life we talking about? I’m not sure myself either. Please help me find the answer.

Again, I want to state that I am totally upset with myself rite now. I need someone to hear my whisper. But all my friends already at their beloved kampong and probably some of them are on their way right now. Well, that is why Arma come out with the blogging idea. So that we can share our story no matter where we are. Thanks ma, and I’m sorry too. I’ll try to be more active writing on this blog. Sometimes, the timing is just not rite. Please forgive me.

I don’t know how to express myself anyway. I am really really stressed out with things around here. You may not understand what I’m trying write here. Seriously, my ‘EMO’ is in the maximum level right now. Why is this should be happening? It shouldn’t be happening. We should have a happy moment together. Friends that could not be trusted. Who should I trust anyway?? Aarghh.. malas la nak tulis dah.. off..







Friday, October 5, 2007


i'm tired of being alone.~ but that doesnt mean i need someone.
i'm sure.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Jannah punya pasal.

ok. firstly, i got tagged. and it's my first tag ever i think. and i was going through jannah's 8 fact (god knows if they're true.haha)thinking like if they tag me, and i tag another person, and that other person decided to tag me back, that would be redicolously tiring kan? well i decided to do something smart at the end of this "tag" u call. :)


it's been a long time since my last entry, work had gotten the worse out of me. haha. once i had this funny feeling at my eye, it was kind of painful, and it was probably because of my lack of sleep. but that was a few months ago. now i'm in the middle of my final project month. samalah mcm jannah. and i am elected leader for my group. waduh, only i know the agony. haha. but my teammates are okay, they're doing their jobs i would have to say.

Pass weeks have been ok. tiring though. i've got a favourite subject, design studies, which also the most hated subject due to workload, its complicated. i have my least favourite subject, which comes to a surprise, that is life drawing. maybe its just because of the long tiring hours of staring at a lifeless object, ops i would like to correct the sentence. long tiring hours staring at multiple lifeless objects.

um, what else. today, i waved at the korean girl in my class, AND smiled too, AND she waved AND smiled back at me AND said "hi". lets just say, they're just too cute for me to resist. i need help. haha. NAAH!~
next would be communication studies,as complicated it may sound, its just English. haha. Comm studies would be the least stress class. oh and there's also a "girl" in that class. she's indonesian, wears tudung, and what else...oh yah..she has BRACES. haha (ejat i know ur feeling this one right now.haha. ezat keep's a deep secret of mine, a secret i discovered about myself, then told him lepas semayang terawih at USJ4).

and i have gotten praises, i think.

# "arma you know what, you can be t-shirt designer" - this ones from a classmate of mine. he was looking at my random sketches.
# "I think you can come up with an interesting design, i dont think u have a problem" - this one was from my lecturer. what can i say, i'll try my best. ahaha.

well i guess this are the best compliments that i've received lately. so.. YEAH! to these two.

okay i'm done now. spelling errors, heck. and i think my blogging technics sudah decrease. oh macam mane ni... haha. nvrmind i guess i could work on it when i have time.

# The Rules:
1. Each blogger must post these rules first.
2. Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3. Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’ve tagged, and to read your blog.

- i get emo lately, but its only when i ride busses. i guess its just the whole metaphor for going through life, i get these visuals for a video clip. staring outside a window from inside a moving box.oh i get emo in cars too.

- i like busses at night. yup. ejat knows this. its maybe because of the bright light inside the bus. i like watching it go by. :)

- i want to go on a trip with the guys sama the girls. i keep imagining, again, clips of us dressed up, going out at night, dkat harbour probably, it's like cold sikit cause some were wearing scarfs, and taking pictures with city lights as background, or like we are all walking in the city. i keep thinking Australia or Singapore. or the streets like in the snowpatrol video clip, hands open. i think it's at paris or something. i know. gila. but i really wish it could happen. oh and the soundtrack for it would be either, The subways - With You, or.. Ingrid Michaelson - Keep Breathing.

- i want to start a magazine. design+lifestyle magazine. it's just gona be a hobby thing with friends, low cost production thing. but yes u use money to get a copy of it, i dont care. haha. alah it's just gona be a few ringgit je. so i need authors. come friends. maybe jannah would help *wink2* help la.

- i am not sure of myself. at some point i can be this, and the next minute i could be that. i could like something now, and then shift to another thing later. BUT i am not like JANNAH, although i change interests, somehow i'll comeback to my old likings. haha. warning this just applies on objects. non-living things. so dont go around making asumptions.

- i am willing to wait. just that.

- i am blurr. i dont catch signals, i am on a different tuning. thats why i have extra antennas like ezat or yeti(nazir). they kinda pick up the signals when i start explaining.

- i stay true to friends. it'll be a major loss losing them. both guys and girls.



# GERMAN AMBER (which i doubt would be posting)

T-A-G-G-E-D !

told you i did something smart.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

confession #2

selamat berpuasa.

so here i confess

'hello,im iqbal. i'm 17. yes im the youngest among my friends. thats why i always get bullied..? maybe,but i am the youngest. full stop. i've been sober for a looong time. i miss my bully-ers. especially the 1 who FORCE to do this. but i get his point. yes,i miss all of my head banging-mofos-crazy olde friends. i DO text them. well,not often but i still DO. when i think of them i'll go laughing to myself. yes. some people DO think im crazy,so what? i feel better thinking n laughing about the good old days rather than sitting down,thinking about problems coming n might 1 day go crazy instead. live life to the fullest. I live MY life to the fullest. thats why im addicted to my friends. well, SO BE IT. AN ADDICT. THATS WHAT I AM. I AM A FRIEND ADDICT."

16 Sept 2007,
Friend Addicts Convention, UEP Subang Jaya, Malaysia.

confession #1

Selamat Berpuasa.

Mari Beramal dan Melakukan perkara yg baik-baik.

(serious, though it may sound funny.)

i just want us friends to be better people.

and let's try to find time for raya?
try. no forcing. maybe phonecalls should be enough.
should be. maybe.
:) i guess we all are addicted to each other.
one laugh, thats all we need to get going.

so here i confess.

" hi i'm arma. i am 18. and i am a friend addict. i've been sober for too long. i just think it's too strong for me. i still have the urge too text message them. sometimes when it gets out of hand....i go out...meeting them. i know its inexcusable..but..but...i dont think im strong to live without a dose of them for at least once a week. sumtimes, they even text me! how could i resist the temptation!! Ah! so mock me if u want. i dont care. so i have decided to go on as an adddict. i'll live life my way. so be it. an addict. thats what i am. I AM A FRIEND ADDICT. ~"

16 Sept 2007,
Friend Addicts Convention, UEP Subang Jaya, Malaysia.

Friday, September 7, 2007

omong kosong.

Alia says:hey
Ma. says:hey shortay,
Ma. says:i mean that in a gud way,
Alia says:haha
Alia says:i know
Ma. says:haha
Alia says:i'm used to it already
Ma. says:gu to kno
Ma. says:gud*
Ma. says:so how are u me lady.
Alia says:oh just fine
Alia says:as usual sir
Alia says:i'm starting school u know
Ma. says:yah. thats what i wanna kno.....
Ma. says:

Alia says:hahaha
Alia says:sarcasm
Ma. says:hahaha
Ma. says:lets say if i was serious.
Alia says:ah
Alia says:let's say
Alia says:i would say
Alia says:how thoughtful of u
Alia says:hahaha
Ma. says:haha
Ma. says:so mcmane alia ilana? best skolah?
Ma. says:eyh drop by the blog sumtimes.
Alia says:dunno yet
Alia says:x start lagi
Alia says:this sunday first day
Alia says:haha
Alia says:i'm such a nervous wreck
Alia says:but excited all the same
Alia says:give me ur link
Alia says:i pun ader blog ak tau
Alia says:gak
Ma. says:
Ma. says:oh apa yah?
Ma. says:ada www ka?
Ma. says:wah ok ok
Ma. says:weyh! me n ezat sama zu n azeera! huish cun picture!
Ma. says:haha
Ma. says:ok i wana read
Ma. says:dont disturb me
Ma. says:haha
Alia says:haha
Alia says:fine2
Alia says:go ahead
Alia says:eh arma
Alia says:did the video work?
Ma. says:yup
Ma. says:shhhh
Ma. says:jgn kacau
Ma. says:skit lagi ba
Ma. says:wah really lah.
Ma. says:tengok lg pun boleh sedih
Ma. says:i must be that good ya
Ma. says:haha
Alia says:hahaha
Alia says:yes sir
Alia says:u are
Alia says:part last2 je yg made me cry
Alia says:serious tau
Ma. says:of course
Ma. says:build up the intensity
Ma. says:last last br semua meletup
Ma. says:haha
Ma. says:i dont think all of them had watched it though
Ma. says:i rase azeera blum tgk
Ma. says:oh dah dah
Ma. says:we made a premiere at mye's house
Alia says:abyan je blom
Ma. says:yup
Ma. says:azeera nearly cried
Ma. says:masa last2 tu semua jd senyap
Alia says:which reminds me i haven't called her yet
Ma. says:AIYO
Alia says:serious tau arma
Alia says:dgn de song lagi
Ma. says:haha
Ma. says:yah
Ma. says:no problem lah. i had fun buat jugak
Ma. says:depressin but fun
Ma. says:u still watch it?
Alia says:oh yes
Alia says:but i like the first part n the last part hte most
Ma. says:hahaha
Alia says:watching myself in the video mcm klakar
Ma. says:yah..
Ma. says:but first part is like so funny
Ma. says:eh lia i wanna curi gambar me ejat n azeera n zu
Ma. says:can?
Alia says:take lah
Alia says:u nak de separate one?
Ma. says:can.
Alia says:i didnt know u guys took de pic tau
Ma. says:haha
Alia says:bila dah upload dlm computer baru perasan
Ma. says:mesti gelak kan?
Ma. says:haha
Alia says:kelakar giler
Alia says:then i had de idea to paste it together
Alia says:hilarious
Alia says:tp agak blur lah
Ma. says:gud one. i had forgotten bout that pic tau
Ma. says:tkpe janji knal kan? susah tu mau pose sama
Ma. says:famili pisture tu pun klaka. serius nk mampos semua org
Ma. says:hahaha
Alia says:haha
Alia says:tu lah
Alia says:to azeera ade kantoi sikit
Ma. says:die tu nenek yg ceria kot
Alia says:hahaha
Alia says:yeah maybe
Ma. says:second one tuh
Ma. says:best
Alia says:i put the first pic serious
Alia says:then the second one yg sume kepala giler
Alia says:so contra ah skit
Ma. says:iqbal mcm pekebun garang dlm first pic
Alia says:haha
Alia says:pekebun garang
Ma. says:yah
Ma. says:ntahlah
Ma. says:i just felt it
Ma. says:haha
Alia says:mula2 pekebun grg
Alia says:then suddenly dia tersengih
Alia says:it was hard to choose at first
Alia says:byk giler
Ma. says:yes pekebun to model
Alia says:hahaha
Ma. says:really?
Ma. says:ade picture yg u tk post yg lawa?
Alia says:byk lah jugak
Ma. says:i want some lah deyh
Alia says:have to check
Alia says:one moment
Ma. says:two moment also can
Alia says:byk blur lah arma
Ma. says:yah?
Ma. says:hmm..
Alia says:nanti
Alia says:i send n then u see for urself
Ma. says:tkpelah. kalau ade yg clear tu. passing lah
Ma. says:ok!!!
Alia sends:Open(Alt+P)
Alia says:if x blur
Alia sends:Open(Alt+P)
Alia says:mmg cun lah
Ma. says:ok.
Alia sends:Open(Alt+P)

You have successfully received C:\Documents and Settings\wins\My Documents\My Received Files\DSC04792.JPG from Alia.

You have successfully received C:\Documents and Settings\wins\My Documents\My Received Files\DSC04794.JPG from Alia.

You have successfully received C:\Documents and Settings\wins\My Documents\My Received Files\DSC04805.JPG from Alia.

Alia says:wait
Alia says:i give u one more
Ma. says:woh ok
Alia says:n another lah
Ma. says:haha i pose mcm bollywood star dlm pic ni
Alia sends:Open(Alt+P)
Ma. says:bangangnyeeeee
Alia says:haha
Alia sends:Open(Alt+P)

You have successfully received C:\Documents and Settings\wins\My Documents\My Received Files\DSC04810.JPG from Alia.

You have successfully received C:\Documents and Settings\wins\My Documents\My Received Files\DSC04812.JPG from Alia.

Alia says:aite
Alia says:i'm off
Alia says:cool display pic btw
Alia says:hahaha
Ma. says:haha
Alia says:bye
Ma. says:yah got it from someone cool
Ma. says:ciao
Alia says:haha
Ma. says:we all miss ya
Alia says:cheers
Alia says:back at ya
Ma. says:gud luck nnti skolah
Ma. says:bye2
Alia says:thanks
Alia says:i'll keep u posted about it
Ma. says:ok

there ends another "old times" chat~

im actually too lazy to type a new post.
so i improvised. haha.
now i would like to end this post with a statement.

MY friends are like little hyperactive children, so dont give em chocolates. instead give US money to shut up. we'll go shop quietly. pfft.

(see how i manipulated the statement and involved myself in it when it has advantages for me? im such a brilliant hyperactive little kid.*pats on the head*)

Monday, September 3, 2007

something we left behind but we always bring it along..

After finish reading what arma had written on the blog, i feel like i have to write something too.. i supposed be back to melaka this morning but my body was not feeling well, so i have to take mc 4 today.. sometimes i wonder myself whether is it about my sickness or is it just me dont want to go back..i miss my frens.. so much.. d memories we all drew together is a memories that can not be erase forever.. but now we all are in a different path to achieve the dreams that each of us seek in the future.. the memories may have been passed, but we always carry it no matter where we go.. things change around us.. but our friendship will always remain the same.. hope we all can wait.. time for us to feel the memories back will appear one day.. i promise.. while waiting, let us all do what we have to do now.. this is my words.. for all my frens out there.. i love u guys..

# misses

# i've just realised. times when it was carefree were night. i guess the nights we've had were just...US. dinner, shopping, mamak, favors, pulut deliveries, kenduri's, or just normal stop by's, were what i looked for and still look for every single night.

# i guess this is another way of saying i miss the old days.

# and i miss zulaikha for cheering me up every single night when we all went out.

# i miss listening to ezzat's problems, and giving opinions to him, and he listens.

# i miss dropping by at mye's house. i miss the chats outside the gate.

# i miss feeling excited waiting for "transport" to arrive at my house.

# i miss going to isyak prayers at USJ 4's surau.

# i miss McD. not the food. just the memories there.

# i miss being me.

# i miss the idiot.

# i miss the people who loves that idiot.

# i miss the smack in the head by "one and only".

# i miss my random analogies.

# i miss the people's reaction towards it.

# i miss being fun.

# i miss everything.

# i miss singapore.

# i miss snapping pictures.

# i miss the pictures.

# i miss people in the picture.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Sunday, August 5, 2007

i like cinématographie

I'm now into movies. smart ones. i'm gona go watch disturbia after this, at my own cinema room.

Arma's Super Secret Cinema Room a.k.a ASSCR
located under my living room, in which u have to go through a secret passageway through the kitchen cabinet(of course not through the cabinet, theres a secret hole, where u can open by pressing a secret button, under a very secret object, kept in a super secret place..)

there's just this aura about "smart movies". i just like that it doesnt turn out the way i imagined it to be.

it just tests u. like life.(inspirational moment here..take a pause to soak in this righteous moment. hummmmmm.)
ok, moving on now.

im ok with life now. no suspense yet, except waiting for stupid late buses. everything is going fine, yes just fine jannah. haha. lecturers are ok, for now.. i hope it stays that way. haha. gotten familiar with new faces. even this guy from tanzania, know's me now. were not like close, but we do exchange professional smiles or casual hand waving once a while. (ask mye and iqbal, they know wut im referring to)

and about the chicks, i think im gona take a pass for now, after all im still a freshmen yah. (pfft.) i would like to concentrate on studies. maybe next year.(double pfft.) haha.

life drawing is damn hard. but nevertheless i like it *bigwidesmile* its just fun drawing in the studio, its kind of relaxing at first, then you get to the long tiring part after 15 mins, then u get to the sweaty hands process where people are submitting their work (thats why i prefer not to look around at other people's drawing..very...depressssing.haha), lastly u get to the end of class, where its either u feel happy or very very depressed.haha. mr. faiz, my lecturer, he's ok. again, hoping he stays that way.

analytical drawing is kind of different. its about lines. thats what i've learnt so far in the first class, by chief. yes my lecturer, he's nickname, is chief. he wears all black, cowboy boots, jeans, collar shirt, and to top it off, a mexican cowboy hat. evey single day. yes. haha.

to conclude things, i guess im getting used to life here, oh yah met rodhiah, turns out she was in the january intake. yes my senior worh, haiyo.

well i'll update more when i feel like it. till then signing off.

max robo.


Sunday, July 29, 2007

ring ring~ "hello.."

hello..for those who don't know.. i just went to P.D to few days ago. went there on friday and arrived back home today, around 3p.m. i was working actually, as an "asssistant trainer". haha. yes.The trainers involved were my dad (of course), abang firdaus (dad's friend's son), and ME. i wasn't to agreeable on following my dad at first, but after a few training sessions there, i was getting the hang of it. well it beats going through orientation thats for sure.haha.

i actually learnt more on this trip rather than during orientation. :/ dont get me wrong, orientation was.. so-so, fun. this trip was fun-NY haha. it's funny how childish an adult can be, and how adult a child can be. this group that "we were" training (more likely, my dad) were around their early thirties to late forty's. as usual, i was the youngest in the crowd. ( :/ no surprises there)

there were all kinds of people. there are ones u could predict, there are ones u couldn't. it was an experience for me. and tons of respect goes to my dad for tackling every situation well. seriously, i was amazed at how he resolved conflicts. it's gonna be hard to measure up to him. haha. but i'll be thankful just to have half of his communication skills.

i guess my orientation week was a bit extra than other freshies. i know i'm like typing rubbish now, thats cause i feel i have a responsibility towards the blog. ( and i'll feel guilty if i dont tyoe something)

oh and spoke to a few old friends. helped putri with her "the effect of free sex towards the country" assignment. called mye a few times to confirm/postpone/CANCEL the trip to mid valley, prank called azeera saying that i was a guy from taylors. (haha that was funny). and called nazir and iqbal just to say hi. oh and ezat, it was more like rubbish trash talk with him. but worth it haha. funny.

and i baru perasan, i've been talking to mye on the phone a lot. i think she misses me. haha.

oh and called ZULAIKHA RAZALI. she was on the bus. :/

and messaged gie, a new friend. kot. we'll see.


Sunday, July 22, 2007


yup. just visuals. song first.

"Im gonna strut my stuff. Just you wait..."

Saturday, July 21, 2007

bateren renkon tomato max

when there's a parting, then there's a next meet.

it's my 21st day of being the lone ranger. :)
going through life at the same place, the same house, the same streets, the same restauraunts..but in a different way.
its kind of like living 21 days of new life. i've met people never imagined of meeting. like mr. ujang who taught me everything about t-shirts. i met wai yen, at usj 12 court, and turns out it was his last day in malaysia. he was setting off to australia the next day. i met dad's old housemate in uni, who clearly had forgotten my dad, and he wasnt hiding it, "sapa aa? tk ingtlah." after that statement, he asked directions and walked away.

funny how things went around here at home.
i drove. thats another thing. i drove everywhere. and surprisingly i drove to, nostalgic places. coincidently.
alamanda, kota damansara, usj 12 court, and school.
enough to retap all memories locked and stored in my head.

well last night, was a meet to be remembered. nothing fancy but we were back, not all of us, just a small portion. but that small portion was enough. we talked, laughed, pondered old memories, and shared new ones.
for the first time, i wasn't jealous of the experience they went through. i wasn't putting on a deaf ear. i wasn't the fake listener. for once, i wasn't selfish. it was fun again to hear stories from a friend, to hear their voices of laughter.

but this time, this meet, we were all different, we were all grown up. i kno its a bold statement to say, that we have all grown up. but i think we really are. being able to live life without old friends but still keeping them for emegencies. some had new things added in their lives. some were just the same. :)

before last night's meet. before last night. i had my hopes died down. plans to meet were just, plans. no hopes, just plans. it's because it usually doesnt end up how i hoped it would. so having a plan, and not hoping it would turn out right was a habit i had developed.
um. i hate partings. i hate leaving stuff im used too.
i realised with partings, comes new meets.
:) so its ok.

hmm..i'm gonna write another post tomorrow. not sure if it's gonna be a long one or a short one. but there's gonna be a post for sure.

i'm just typing stuff that went through my mind a while ago. while watching "sexy voice and robo", surprising how fictionous stories could make us realise things. small details that we had let pass by.
i guess im gonna let this post hang here.
i have no plans to end it the right way.

:) bateren renkon tomato maaa----aaaaaxxxxx!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

love a tree

mye: awww ma. serious ke? thnk u!! *smiles.wide one*
percentage of wanting to change colours: 98%

ejat: Bodo lah nko ma. thnk u thnk u.*muka mcm hairan begitu* u must really miss us kan?. *then cheeky one sided smile*
percentage of wanting to change colours: 68%

jannah: hah? apsal nih? arma ke nih? *pandang slack*then some mocking. then once i hand it over baru thnk u. *blur face/smile tk kena*
percentage of wanting to change colours: 80%

snowman: WAaah! Reaaallyy??!! thnks ma! *bear/yeti smiles*
percentage of wanting to change colours: he goes with the flow.

~ a bet i made to myself. sort of like human studies.

i shall explain when it happens..and i shall tell the scores : (?/4)
for now dont ask.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

baisers de la vie

~log on~

"kissing life"

Okay. another short one, cause i got this feeling theres gonna be lightning pretty soon.

I guess everything is going fine. yah just fine. besides the scare i got mase so call hilang phone haha. ezat u know what im talking about. BUT, although the phones ok..theres one more thing u guys need to know..i lost my specs too...shitty shitty stuff yah?

I mean if it was when we all was back home, i would had laughed.haha. kan?. i just realised that with u guys around things seemed to be fine. i dont know if u guys realized, but i do think so..

If zu ejat jannah mye nazir and sabree was here it would have been easier. i guess.
(no offense to the others, these guys has just been there when they need to be there, its just the case of right timing. i still appreaciate all of you),

Well sumtimes i just need u people back here. maybelah.

P/s: Big special thnks to ZU for being there, although not the same way as u used to, this will do for now, and a big special thnks to buddy JO for talks we had yah? not much, but usually comforting(i mule practice pop lock balik.haaha).

AND ALIA IS COMING HOME ON THE 23RD. reminderlah. :)
and sorry, i dont have the time and mood to right long pieces lagi. but soon, soon. :P

~ off ~

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Deadliest smoooch.

Deadliest smooch.

Dance the disco kid
lets bring the beat up,lets pump it up
sugar your just to hard to resist
precious precious ur one i cant help to notice
u take me to odd places
i show u new faces
babe lets pause.
i cant get enough of ur lip gloss~
babe lets pause.
dont force it, remember ur the one who caused it

lets not toast for the moment
i would like to remain sober
lets just wait and see what happens
and see how do we do it proper.
babe lets pause.
i cant get enough of ur lip gloss~
babe lets pause.
dont force it, remember ur the one who caused it.
babe lets wait till sunset arrives,

so in the meantime lets keep things alive.

Friday, July 13, 2007


hey, this is a short one..for some reason, i miss home. no, not subang, but singapore. i guess i've been getting this urge to get out of malaysia, and take pictures at a pier just above the sea.. where else kan?

i've been going home all these years, but i never really tried to enjoy my stay. its always mak's house(we call nenek, mak.), or some other relative's..the furthest would be orchard road.

well, for the next stay,i guess i'll try and bring a friend. maybe that would do the trick. all i know that i want to take pictures. and it has to be at night.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

candid. yes,candid


its time to show all of u.The Secret

lets start with this fella. Known in the school as the blur guy

however,hmm...think twice

this pic was taken sum time ago,candid

and belive me,even all of us dont believe its arma


enough there.stop laughing...i know its funny but..



hmm...this fella is known in his school as

'mamat macho'

look at what came out on my camera lens

no wonder.

control macho,hahaha...but he has a WHOLE lot of story,made by himself.about himself...hahahaha

ok2,now i bring u the snowman..

or polar bear...or teddy...

or..BULAT...hehe,whatever it is...he is still the most..

VIOLENT!..prove me wrong.


i know this is not right but...

its in my camera!!


Next up.

hehe,he's the quiet 1...his mind is full of things...but most of it is rubbish...haha,but 'rubbish' in a sense that nobody would hve thought about it...yes,back in his school he the 'idol' for the girls,this is what u all hve been worship all this while....*blind man*

wait! there's more!


told ya.ok2...i think thats enough

anyway,guys...these pics cannot be obtain anywhere on earth...

only here,so guys...for the memories,dont beat me


brought to u by hulu hala enterprise under guidance of tokyo's ABIT

eek bal

prenez une chance.

Destination for today, was the central market. i wasn't part of the plan at first though. yes. my father precisely stated.. " jom mama we go out to eat lepas ni." . with uncertainty left in my head, i asked mom where were they going. "hm? oh keluar makan dgn ayah. ayah ajak mama td". so....there, cleared that i was suppose to stay home. it was fine by me. but the one thing that bothered me though is that, my sisters. BOTH were going out to see transformers. haaaaaaiiiissss...

About 15 minutes, they were all gone. i was left alone, but! i was looking forward to it, because.. there was going to be a John Legend live special! on ntv7. but as always luck has crept out the back door, mum called.."abang get ready, were going out to central market." "-,-

I was lucky though cause going there only meant one thing. T-SHIRT STUFF. :) so.. me and dad went in shop by shop asking for prices. unbelievable, one print job would cost 30-60 ringgit gila. kalau macam ni, i tk sempat jadi kaya ba. so, i was ready to go back..but my dad insisted that we tried to print at least one, while we were there, just to make our trip worthwhile. so...went to the first print shop..there were no iron-on papers for them to print on..ok takpe, i smiled and said nevermind. second and the only shop left, orangnye boleh pulak keluar sebab ade hal..hai bang..hari laen tkdeke...tkpelah maybe he had some family business to take care off kan??

Btw, i found out that there were two ways of printing t-shirts. one is through iron-ons which is the simplest method and a better suitable way for me. the other printing method requires printing blocks, so that means they cant print out complicated images lke people for instance, because they cant make those kinds of blocks. so.. its obvious right? mine is iron-ons.

Back to the story, as we were heading out, my dad boleh pulak tibe-tibe nk stop. it wasnt plan, i could tell by his face.
he stopped and paused and he had this blank face. i was blank myself, but i was distracted by this guy with ujang like hair. yes. UJANG the comic guy which had long frizy, small curls kind of hair. then..he approached my dad. menggelabah i. this is the fun part, he was the nicest person setakat ni yg tegur us. others we met were busy and kinda...tak menaikkan semangat... :\

So this guy.. approached us and said " bang ade problem ke bang?" so my dad explained the whole situation, from the iron-ons, to the shop that so call were out of iron-on papers. pfft!. so this ujang guy, believe it or not, told us all infos regarding t-shirt printing..i was amazed weyh. he was really serious at it too. i was recording all of the advises he gave me in my head. he told me and my dad, that iron-on papers can be easily bought at computer shops, and that all i need to do is practice, trial and errors. turns out he had a shop there.

"oh. saya ade kedai bang, tuu ha kedai rock kapak tu, haha
." he sells, "rock kapak" t-shirts.(none of my liking. haha) mr.ujang insisted if i had any problems, come see him there at central market.(sori bang jauhlah. satu hari nantilah.haha.)

Kind of odd how things turned out.. it all started because my dad had a blank moment. haha. when we were ready to say our goodbyes, my dad asked him a question..

" eyh kenapa, kau ni sanggup cakap dgn ktorang, org lain semua tk sama mcm kau."

"i'm a simple guy, saya tolong abang.. semuanya sebab..saham. "

we all had a small laugh.
i think i get what he said. :)

Well i guess, if i hadn't took this chance today, i wouldn't have known the stuff i was told.
sometimes chance just comes passing by i guess.
we just need to learn how to grab it.

We just need to take a chance. :) chewah.


im thinking of..
.. "t-shirt" ?

Friday, July 6, 2007

im no sissy.

This post is going to be odd, different, awkward, crazy, funny (iknowyouguysaregonnalaugh). For some funny reason, the one thing that i really want right now, that i really would kill for, is.. a sewing machine. yes.that. i am afraid, i'm too as shock as ones who are reading this post right now. ok.

explanation; i guess i see it as a platform. i love making stuff.(by the way the corru boards and all..still untouched) but the thing i love more than making stuff is..making stuff that people wear everyday, t-shirts, bags, shoes, pants.. how sissy it may sound, i guess thats the way it is, and the only way to get started is to get myself these amazing,state of the art, "machines".

No. i won't post pictures of the latest sewing machines, that would be too gay. im not obsessing over one, i just need one.

instead of gay pictures of sewing machines, im posting stories of cool men who :"may" have started with these machines.

firstly is ofcourse NIGO.

Nigo never set out to become Japan's hottest fashion designer or an internationally famous arbiter of style, or to show young people how to rebel without losing their cool. But the fact that he is now one of the most influential movers and shakers of his generation—given how little attention he paid to cram schools, university examinations and the meticulous career planning that are still adolescent obsessions in Japan—does not strike him as particularly odd, either. In fact, he sees his focus on his passions, rather than on society's expectations, as the secret of his success. "I never planned too far ahead," says the 33-year-old, wearing a T shirt and jeans plus two necklaces and a giant watch dripping with hip-hop quantities of bling. "I just tried to do what I love and create the things that I wanted to create."

And what he has always loved to create is clothes.
As a fashion student, magazine stylist and DJ in 1990s Tokyo, Nigo could never find exactly the quality-crafted, cooler-than-thou T shirts he and his buddies craved. So he started making them himself, selling them to friends and out of duffel bags at parties and DJ shows. The shirts were strange but playful, aggressively designed affairs, frequently sporting simian motifs and obscure echoes of the 1968 sci-fi classic movie Planet of the Apes. Produced in limited quantities, they quickly became the ultimate badge of street cred among the hipsters in the back alleys of Tokyo's fashion-obsessed Harajuku neighborhood.

When did you start developing an interest in fashion?
At 12 my parents bought me a pair of Levi 501’s and some white Adidas Superstar sneakers. At the time I wasn’t too bothered, but later I discovered a magazine called Popeye & Olive. One day I read an article about Tokyo and they spoke about the best shopping areas. From there I developed an interested in 50’s fashion and music, which at the time was very trendy in Tokyo. I liked Buddy Holly and Elvis Presley. At the same time a Japanese band called the “Checkers” broke through; I liked the way they dressed, Rockabilly style; but until 18 I used to always wear denims and white sneakers.

When did you move into the centre of Tokyo? After school?
Yeh, I moved when I was 18. I wanted to become a fashion journalist. I enrolled in a fashion college wanting to specialise in fashion editing. That’s where I met Jonio, the designer who started the Undercover brand. Jonio introduced me to a lot of influential people like Hiroshi Fujiwarea, DJ and designer for Head Porter. And the MD of Astoarobot, the fashion store, who thought I looked just like Hiroshi so he started calling me “Nigo”, it’s a Japanese word for “number two”. I didn’t go to school very much. I used to go clubbing with them every night. I felt lucky just to know them and they turned out to be crucial for my future.

What were you planning to do after college?
I wanted to live in Tokyo. I found a part time job in the Popeye & Olive editorial office. They put me in charge of a part of the magazine and I was earning very well. Japan was going through a strong economic period and people were doing well in every sector. I was well paid so I didn’t have any problem finding somewhere to live in town. Then I met a girl called Hitomi Oukawa at Popeye & Olive and she gave me a job as a stylist. At the same time Jonio and I were looking after a section of the magazine on fads and underground sub-culture. It was at that time (’92) that Jonio said to me: “why don’t we open a shop with exclusive clothes?” So on the first of April ’93 we opened a shop in Harajuku. We called it “Nowhere”. Two times a month I would set about sourcing garments for the shop. It became a store where friends came to hang out – we didn’t really look after the customers coming through the door, but we were selling well anyway. (He laughs.) Shortly afterwards, Jonio and I felt the bought-in garments weren’t selling enough, so Jonio said: “Let’s stop buying garments from other brands and create our own.”

A Bathing Ape®. Where does the name come from?
I was spending my evenings with my friend Shin, when one evening we were watching a TV program called “Yo!! Rap City”, I told Shin that I was going to start a clothing line. Shin suggested we start it together. We thought more about it and one night we saw a movie called “Planet of the Apes”. We liked it a lot. So much in fact, the next day we met up and decided to take some inspiration from it: we called our new brand A Bathing Ape®. Shin was good mates with Kuyamada, the lead singer of a famous band called Cornelias. We gave him a T-shirt to wear at his gigs and he did, so more and more people started to get to know our stuff. At the time we used to produce about 30 T-shirts a batch. We’d give half to friends and we’d sell the other half. We carried on like that for two years, producing very few of them, giving away half and selling half.

In 2003 you had your tenth anniversary. I hear that in the New Year you’ll be opening in the US. It this true? What will you be doing?
I’m having a jewel made in a jewellery store called Jacob the Jeweller in New York. Loads of celebrities go there like Jay-Z, Mariah Carey and Pharrell (N.E.R.D.). Their pictures are on the walls of the store and mine too now. Some people are curious and ask who the guy is in my picture – and that’s how Pharrell and I met. And Jay-Z wears my sneakers at concerts. Anyway, we became mates. Pharrell told me that he wanted to create a clothing line, so together we created the Billionaire Boys Club (BBC) brand like Louis Vuitton did with Marc Jacobs. Pharrell is the designer and it’s good publicity for me.As well as BBC, DUB magazine (a top men’s lifestyle magazine in the US) put me on their front page so many artists got to know me and started wearing my sneakers. Even a song by Jay-Z talks about “Ape Kicks”. America’s a massive opportunity for me.



two reasons. she's wearing bape. and shes cute.

ok ok so far i posted only one guy. but he made it. and i respect him for that, i dont idolize him like some people do to craze popstars, celebrity icons. I am just admiring him because he made it. and i wish i could make it like him. (yes, that refers to make clothes like him also.)