Sunday, August 5, 2007

i like cinématographie

I'm now into movies. smart ones. i'm gona go watch disturbia after this, at my own cinema room.

Arma's Super Secret Cinema Room a.k.a ASSCR
located under my living room, in which u have to go through a secret passageway through the kitchen cabinet(of course not through the cabinet, theres a secret hole, where u can open by pressing a secret button, under a very secret object, kept in a super secret place..)

there's just this aura about "smart movies". i just like that it doesnt turn out the way i imagined it to be.

it just tests u. like life.(inspirational moment here..take a pause to soak in this righteous moment. hummmmmm.)
ok, moving on now.

im ok with life now. no suspense yet, except waiting for stupid late buses. everything is going fine, yes just fine jannah. haha. lecturers are ok, for now.. i hope it stays that way. haha. gotten familiar with new faces. even this guy from tanzania, know's me now. were not like close, but we do exchange professional smiles or casual hand waving once a while. (ask mye and iqbal, they know wut im referring to)

and about the chicks, i think im gona take a pass for now, after all im still a freshmen yah. (pfft.) i would like to concentrate on studies. maybe next year.(double pfft.) haha.

life drawing is damn hard. but nevertheless i like it *bigwidesmile* its just fun drawing in the studio, its kind of relaxing at first, then you get to the long tiring part after 15 mins, then u get to the sweaty hands process where people are submitting their work (thats why i prefer not to look around at other people's drawing..very...depressssing.haha), lastly u get to the end of class, where its either u feel happy or very very depressed.haha. mr. faiz, my lecturer, he's ok. again, hoping he stays that way.

analytical drawing is kind of different. its about lines. thats what i've learnt so far in the first class, by chief. yes my lecturer, he's nickname, is chief. he wears all black, cowboy boots, jeans, collar shirt, and to top it off, a mexican cowboy hat. evey single day. yes. haha.

to conclude things, i guess im getting used to life here, oh yah met rodhiah, turns out she was in the january intake. yes my senior worh, haiyo.

well i'll update more when i feel like it. till then signing off.

max robo.


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