Friday, June 29, 2007


my favourite picture for now.
can't believe it was at mye's house. makan land.

hurm.. aper ek??

im gonna say sumting b4 im off 2 melaka.. sumtin dat will remind myself in d future not 2 abandon dis valueble frenship.. i love u guys.. n i will always do.. u guys are d bestest, coolest,funiest, hapening frens i have eva had.. i promise 2 myself dat i will always remember dis.. gonna miss u guys so much.. arma.. jgn sdh2 tau.. xper.. every week aku balik.. hahaha


start readin from the bottom.

arma: shall i tell everybody about the gay hug? i think not.
arma: haha.funnyjat.verrrryfunny.(ur post)
ezat: we are d best group of fren eva.. love u guys so much.. except janah.. hahha. yelah2.. janah skali.. haha
ezat: haha
ezat: no jannah. absolutely no..
kecik: u'll rmmbr us dgn clear trg dn tabl. aha.
kecik: we usd the opurtnty dgn baek utk kenekn u. :p
jannah: awww thats like the sweetest thing ever
jannah: shush la ezat i know you love me too

arma: and guys go easy on me. malu weyh korang kenekan td.
arma: same here same here.
arma: please no gaying around jat.
kecik: u guys are the BEST thing ever happnd to me. i nk korg tahu. bnd neh.
kecik: i'm gonna miss u too ma. n zaika. jana. ejat. n sume.
kecik: dah! xsedeyh balek. ahahah.
kecik: sedehnyer.. :'(
kecik: ma.
arma: shut up lah guys.
ezat: love u ma..
ezat: u noe i cant read dis touchy2 ting..
ezat: sengall la ma..
ezat: haaha..
ezat: dnt want u here
ezat: get lost..
ezat: janah sangat annoying..
ezat: ezat here 2.. =)
jannah: haha.
jannah: go "damn, jannah's here". girls all over the world kapoofla.

Thursday, June 28, 2007


time: 6 p.m (according to my phone. so u guys no wut u have to do.hah)

I posted this after nazir sabree and I went out to pyramid, they bought bags for uni. sabree bought CONVERSE (yes.). the snowman bought a bag from F.O.S. I was bringing them along in and out all kinds of stores. thanks to zu, mye, ezat and jannah, my navigation skills around pyramid has become flawless. we spent just an hour walking. we were walking in speed. a gift me ezat and mye gained after few rounds of shopping during a sale. trust me. u need patience and stamina to gain this skill.haha. well, we were back by 3.15, nazir dropped us off at my house. watched a movie half stuck..sabree went home..I connected to the internet..friendster..myspace..jannah's blog..messenger.. :

ou have just sent a nudge.
Ma. says: hey..
Ma. says: u there? need someone to talk too.
zulaikha says: yeh
Ma. says: studyin?
zulaikha says: kinda y?
zulaikha says: whts wrong with u? :(
Ma. says: nothing. lonely lah.
zulaikha says: ohh
zulaikha says: y suddenly feeling lonely
Ma. says: they're off. tomorrow. and the next day.
zulaikha says: ohh
zulaikha says: who?
zulaikha says: ezat+nazir
Ma. says: jannah mye also. sabree pun
Ma. says: all leaving one shot.
zulaikha says: jannah??
zulaikha says: mye go whr?
zulaikha says: ss17 je kn
Ma. says: yalah but she gona stay there kan.
Ma. says: asrama.
zulaikha says: ohh
Ma. says: jannah going gombak.
zulaikha says: ala
zulaikha says: whnre u goin?
Ma. says: im here. je,
Ma. says: travel back and forth
zulaikha says: bila u gi kokwing ni?
Ma. says: 23rd. july.
zulaikha says: oh
zulaikha says: lama lg
zulaikha says: nvmla
zulaikha says: u chill now
zulaikha says: nnt u masuk college busy like hell
Ma. says: i had small droplets off tears ni balek court td.
zulaikha says: aww :)
zulaikha says: thts sweet
Ma. says: thts embarrasing kalau the guys tau.
Ma. says: haha
zulaikha says: diorg kt shah alam je pun kn
zulaikha says: so itll be ok
Ma. says: yah but not the same kan?
zulaikha says: i know
Ma. says: susah skit nk adapt. i wondered how u felt.
zulaikha says: yeah
zulaikha says: u just have to i guess
zulaikha says: when ur far away
zulaikha says: u have no choice but to fit in
zulaikha says: lgpun i was xcitd to meet new ppl
zulaikha says: i was getting sick of the subang sluts n pimps
zulaikha says: u know
Ma. says: me, i am too.
Ma. says: we had the best group in subang kan??
zulaikha says: yeah :)
zulaikha says: ud like uni
zulaikha says: its fun making new frens :)
Ma. says: i kno i would
zulaikha says: then u can actually miss ur old frens
zulaikha says: hehe
Ma. says: haha
Ma. says: cover cover :' (the smiley with the rolling eyes)
zulaikha says: cover apa??
Ma. says: nuthing lah.
Ma. says: how did the maths test go??
zulaikha says: oh
zulaikha says: sucked
zulaikha says: it was so hard
zulaikha says: the stupid teacher ajar one of the hard topics whn we werent thr
zulaikha says: i kn ada labs last week so i mis byk class
zulaikha says: n terus2 test
zulaikha says: hish
Ma. says: kesian. ala but u'll catch up!
zulaikha says: i know
zulaikha says: hope so
Ma. says: u boleh nye! (u must catch up...)
Ma. says: haha
zulaikha says: haha
zulaikha says: yeah
zulaikha says: no choice gak kn :P
Ma. says: yeah... :D
Ma. says: hey thnks yah
Ma. says: ur really a great friend lah. wouldnt even trade u for stars..unless they're really hard to get...haha. kidding. study hard zulaikha razali!
zulaikha says: ahaha
zulaikha says: same here buddy :) (thums up smiley)
zulaikha says: love u too
zulaikha says: gbye!
zulaikha says: gluck finding ur inner soul sort of
zulaikha says: haha
zulaikha says: bye!
Ma. says: eh lupe. u wanna say anything to them??
zulaikha says: just
zulaikha says: tell them that i love them n i miss them and i wish they cud hve everytg they wished for n im so so lucky to have known them
zulaikha says: so i say thanks for everytg n gluck in all that they do
zulaikha says: better write that down,otherwise u'll forget
zulaikha says: haha
Ma. says: i am... :
Ma. says: haha.
Ma. says: ciao
Ma. says: go study
Ma. says: talk later
zulaikha says: ok
zulaikha says: thanks babe
Ma. says: u r most welcome showtay.
zulaikha says: love u!
zulaikha says: bye!!
Ma. says: love u too. bye. done.


Love u guys. touchy i know. but thats the truth.

EJAT~ i love ur confidence. Ur awesome and im the one lucky to have met u. thnks for bringing me along ur excursions(there were a lot of excursions yah?haha). we had our fights, but honestly the fights were the best weyh, loved seeing ur side of the view sometimes. although not always i agreed, it was fun. :) thnks for always lending me a hand and not thinking twice. eh jat, u know i cant look at u in the face saying gudbye.the thing u did at pdg this morning, kejam.. hate u for making me feel this way now. i hope the best for you. :)
MyE~ Sorry. thats the first thing i would say. sorry for every sarcastic remark i made about u. it was fun, but believe me sumtimes i do feel sorry when i crossed the line. love u mye. for ur generosity kot. mana taknye. everytime pegi rumah die makan. makan. makan.haha.loved it weyh, not the pisang salai though. sorry for that too. haha. mye, i have to get this straight. "it was never boring sitting with u in the car after zu left. it'd be a lot more lonelier without u here." seriously. i tkde org nk buli sudah ba. gona miss u to the max. i kno ur not going far but.. its just awkward not having u 7 days in a week. :)
JANNAH~ jannah.jannah.jannah. i hate u. haha honestly. i didnt imagine to have spent a lot of time with u. yalah. after form 5, u were gone already, except for certain weekends. but, this semester break(ur semester break), we were all like back again, only without zu. :'( (miss u zu). ur the quiet/annoying one. thats how i like to see it. haha. but no worries loved u when u were around. enjoyed the small laughs we had. enjoyed the small talks we had(btw,i still like open your eyes rather than run). sorry, if i had snnoyed u terlalu banyak. and sorry if i made a lot of grammatical errors in this post.haha. spending time with u and the guys meant a lot to me. jannah is the best! and lastly sorry for not calling u kak jannah. too odd. :)
SABREE~ Amber. haha. what else can i say. thnks so much for the morning walks to usj 16. thnks for the stupid jokes. thnks for the punches and kicks when i stroll to a slightly negative topic. haha. abee u have been a friend from the day we were kids, ur the one who lasted for years. i appreaciate u for staying by my side as a friend. ur my half brother. and i wasnt always serious about your auntie. haha.
NAZIR~ mu(haha). seriously, i felt like i took care of you like a younger brother. haha sorri kalau terasa, but i reaaly did. u were the quiet one among us, opinions a lot kept inside. well u know wut, let them out. Ur opinions were sumtimes the best amongst the guys. loved ur caring polar bear side and ur crazy panda bear routine. and ok, i forgive u for coming late to court.. :/ haha. truthfully, i wouldnt mind if u came at 12 oclock now. cause court without just never the same.

GUYS i have typed and carved my words on the net. words that i would have never said it straight to your faces. no forced sincerity. plain old cool arma. and i promise not to ever delete this post. im gona regret this, you all know it. :) but for now, i like this post and i want all of you to like it.

love u guys
gonna miss ya lots and lots.


Monday, June 25, 2007

les retours de chat

awkward, fun, boring, hilarious, thankful, sad, scared, anxious, lonely.

felt these in the past weeks.

and i guess, for the next coming weeks too.

i appreciate. everything now.\\ im really wishing i could have those moments back.
in the mere future.