Friday, November 23, 2007


hey kids. hope you guys are doing ok. today's post would be concentrated mainly on dreams.

here's the deal, i can start off with nice arranged sentences with flawless vocab and structure, but i dont want to. lets just cut to the crap.

i had a dream,(no im not singing the westlife version of flying without wings) which non of it i am gona explain, which means NO. IM NOT TELLING. i kno some say dreams are the works of the devil. well some say that a certain prophet was able to read dreams and interpret them.


The question is.. is there any hard proof that dreams do mean something? in an islamic explaination that is.

im gona let this post be an interactive one. so.. little boys and girls.
by posting a comment on this post.
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so.. with that,
i bid u farewell.

by the sexy man himself,

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