Thursday, May 28, 2009

Just recently, a friend of ours gave us a visit, literally gave me a visit due to the late hours of his arrival and he mentioned that he wouldn't want to disturbed the other fellows. Though I couldn't help but to impose, he persistently objected it. Not knowing on where to head on, we decided to buy some drinks and then after, we went to my neighbourhood's playground.

At first I thought it was quite peculiar in a way that I couldn't describe it, I mean to say the visit itself, and yes the time of our meeting was quite late, but you know, those sort of things that made you wonder would eventually evaporated into the air, usually when you are in the company of a fellow friend.

Truthfully, it's been quite a long time since we had that moment of just sitting down and talk, a long time as in more than a year actually. And so to that, I was, honestly, wrecking my brain hard to have that momentum again. But you know, as easy as it were before, I did got it back...

We talk a lot, about many things and people and such. He told me of his some old stories and shared me many new experiences. In return, I did the same. Though on what started as funny ones, it became the unhappy ones. But it was satisfying all the same.

Among all things that he mentioned, one thing really intrigued me, and it is...

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