Friday, June 26, 2009


I was 5, and i wanted to be like Michael. My first ever music taste, it was the king of pop. So I kind of grew up with the music, the dance, the outfits. I remember showing my MJ moves in front of Mum and Dad, and the funny thing was they really liked it, to a point that they even bought me Cd's, Movies and even brought me to an MJ impersonator show. Me and the Arab James Bond (Syed Ali) share the same taste in music when it comes to MJ. Im just trying to remember anything in my life that relates to MJ's music, and now i realize most of my childhood days were filled with MJ's video clips. I was a loner, and how corny this might sound i dont really care, whenever I hear an MJ song, i had the groove. Maybe thats why Mama dgn Ayah suka tengok abang joget mcm Michael Jackson. Well, I'm just gona remember his days of glory despite the downside of his carier. Honestly i was lookin forward for his comeback. The first time i read about it said " cool, now we can listen to GOOD songs." well. I dont "Idolize" him because i think it's stupid to idolize someone when you can work yourself to become great, but his song's and dance moves helped me throughout the loner days. Ok, I'm just gona leave you with 2 favourite MJ clips of mine.

This one with the Bunny. i was 5. so shut up.

Yes i have such weird taste in MJ's Video clips.

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