Wednesday, September 16, 2009

He was running in between alleys. trying to avoid as much contact with the regular nepalese guards. Not a thief. A regular guy, whose plans for tonight got crushed after seeing the girl of his dreams going out with another guy. Steps beginning to drop faster and heavier to the ground, almost imitating his painful heart, beating like a thousand drums, hurting like a million punches right onto his bare chest. He zig zags across alleys, almost teleporting from end to end, if he keeps this up he should just make it as a street magician. He turn's left, another left, a slight right, and another slight right, and sees a cat on his left looking straight at him. He turn's left, another left, a slight right, and another slight right, and bumps onto a car. He picks himself up from the collision and, he turn's left, another left, a slight right, and another slight right, and passes Amin's house, don't really know him, some bully. He turn's left, another left, a slight right, and another slight right, and silence happened. No. A slight thud but nothing more. He is on the ground. She is on the ground. A small framed malay girl, wearing a black hijab, jeans, and a simple t-shirt. A simple girl. A simple girl he knocked over. A simple girl he knocked over because he was running away from the truth.

"Asshole.", he heard.

"Sorry sorry! Aku, I didn't notice." he said.

"Takpa its ok." he heard. His eyes were still on his burning palms.

"Still an asshole." She said.

"I'm really really sorry!" he apologized again. this time lifting up his head slowly.

"Yah yah no problem. ahah." She said.

"Apologies not taken" he heard.

"EH! excuse me, If your not willing to accept the apology, then don't say your ok with it lah! Perempuan memang suka give out white lies eh? Tipu sunat? so org tk sakit hati? bodoh ah semua tu! kalau you don't like something, say it. Not everyone devotes their life to be with noble you.." He was furious, spitting lava to the air.

He looks up, and there she was staring at him.

"Weirdo. I think his head gone cuckoo.. aaah i know this one patah hati, 100% sure." He heard it again. but this time with a twist. Hijab girl's lips weren't moving.

at this instance he's mind was only thinking of one word.

"woh." Hijab girl, surprised.


Heartbreak boy: Ok ok ok ok... stop and think. how did this happen??

Hijab girl: Because u played around with setan.

Heartbreak boy: Please ah.. stay with me hear. im merely trying to help.

Hijab girl: calling me names ain't gona help you.

Heartbreak boy: When did i say that??

Hijab girl: You thought of it.

Heartbreak boy: This is getting weird.

Hijab girl: tell me about it. Hearing your thoughts is not what i had in mind for my superpowers.

Heartbreak boy: Back at ya. sheesh. and why do i hear only your thoughts? trust me, your not an optimistic person. i wouldn't
want to be in a kilometer radius close to you. You suck my energy dry.

Hijab girl: You have energy?? i thought u would be dried up by now, wasted with running and crying your heart out.

Heartbreak boy: I now have new perspectives on hijab girls.

Hijab girl: don't even go there..


Hijab girl: MAYbe, we should just leave each other alone? surely it will go away.

Heartbreak boy: yah yah I heard what You thought. I'm going on that direction. You go that way.

Hijab girl: But I'm heading that way.

Heartbreak boy: WHAT EVER LAH! WALK!

Walks away.


Walks back. Meeting at the same place.

Hijab girl: You called me a bitch and i heard it. WE WERE FAR.

Heartbreak boy: We're doomed.


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