Saturday, October 24, 2009

Uncertainty in life, Absolute certainty in death.

What was written on my mothers womb?
What was written for me?
What is my career?
Who are my friends?
Who will turn their backs?
Who will hurt me?
Who will stay with me?
Who is the spouse?
Am i rich?
Am i poor?
Will i succeed?
When is success?
When will i die?
How will i die?
Why did i die?

I will die.

I think it's beautiful how this is crafted.
the only certain thing about life is that we will die.
This, everyone is assured of.
Choose to ignore it, or choose to embrace it.
Death is still there for you.
The ultimate commitment.
I am learning to lower my gaze.
Hard as it is.
Damn hard.
Definitely worth a try.
Before death comes visiting.

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